A high quality electronic tuner should be used to do this. Follow by aligning the rest of the bridge saddles to match the fretboard radius. Once I had the trem positioned where I wanted it, I marked the center of the bass-side post. If you use heavy gauge strings, the trem may need 4-5 springs to work correctly. Greetings chaps, For an upcoming build I was considering using the Gotoh Wilkinson VS100 trem, but wanted to find out if anyone had any experience installing the unit. great, and the trem makes a good guitar even better. Next, we marked the center of the nut with a pencil for alignment. If you have to turn the rod more than that, do it step by step – quarter turn at a time, tune up and check again. Feel free to experiment with this – if you feel the tone should be just a bit brighter, try raising the pickups a bit higher. etc. What we had was a stripped body and a box full of parts. This is, however, also a matter of taste. Safety Tip:  Take your time here. Drill two half-inch diameter holes through the top wood to use later to line up the template for the spring cavity. Gotoh Straplocks are a standard feature in all Ruokangas guitars. keep safety front and center. You can also finetune the balance of the bass and treble strings by adjusting the pickup height. top of the guitar it is deep enough. By Wilkinson bridges allow you to use the tremolo arm to lower the pitch of any note that you play by pressing on it, which can add style and dramatic flair to your soloing technique. Tune up again. So my new Reverend Double Agent arrived today (disassembled for international transport) and I'll need to set it up when I get home from work. This will allow you to plunge into the material and remove the required 1-1/18 inch of material. tough. The tone was still drill once. So, let’s do it! Tune-o-matic – the string radius of the tune-o-matic bridge matches the Ruokangas fretboard 12” radius. started by OGG, Nov 28, 2013. Thanks for visiting. Non-floating mode – if you prefer using the non-locking tremolo only for down- bends, tighten the screws so that the baseplate stays flat on the top as the guitar is tuned up. Retune, check the intonation. The truss rod has a zero point, in which the adjusting nut feels loose. intonation center were marked, we removed the strings, bridge, neck, and   Your link has been automatically embedded. Safety Note:  If you try After adjustments lock the posts again with the 1.5mm key. soldered the ground into place. I was specifically wondering about the minimum amount of timber I should keep between the trem … Be careful though – too much tension may cause the tuning gear jam or the tuning knob to break. These adjustments seem to work for most players – but then again, string height is always a matter of taste! Now while that tricked worked for the OEM bushings, it won't work on the Wilky bushings as they are closed at the base. My suggestion is that you do a test run in scrap and see how it behaves. We have included instructions for the most common adjustments, but left out repairs – fret dressing, nut filing, refretting etc – that require special tools and skills. before you pull it off the work piece; and (3) Keep your hands away from the Use a drill press as these must also be perpendicular to the top. Then set the two thumbscrews to the desired height and tune up the guitar. He has written content articles online since 2009, specializing in financial topics. kahler installation instructions - 2700 series (2710 killer) tremolo KAHLER ADJUSTMENTS AND SETUP - 2720 "SPYDER" FULCRUM MODEL TREMOLO KAHLER FULCRUM TREMOLOS ADVERTISEMENT - 2710 KILLER, 2720 SPYDER AND 2760 STEELER You can see the maple plugs where the original pivot bushings were located. Loosen the strings from tuners, clip the old strings in half and remove from tuners and bridge. Remember to check that there is always a gap (at least 2mm with humbuckers, 4mm with single coils) between the bottom of the string and top of the pickup as you play at the last fret on any string. Tremolo action – if your guitar is fitted with fixed bridge, skip this chapter. These two screws are just under 1/2 inch in diameter and must be drilled at the locations of the template. Use a scribe to mark the area that will be routed for the bridge. make sure the measurements could be clearly marked without marring the top. Notice that using the wrong type of chemical (like dry electronics spray) will damage the pots! -Awesome to have the proper rout made, to install in our guitar builds ;-) (Warmoth) Wilkinson tremolo (by Gotoh) or Gotoh 510 Tremolo . trem would not have fit properly. Aim a new string through the hole in the tuner post – don’t leave any slack, just pull it straight – and lock the thumbscrew tightly by turning it clockwise. Plug it into an amp and check the intonation by using a tuner to match the pitch of the open string and the twelfth fret of that same string. great. There are a lot of commercially available fretboard oils around. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Look for polish that does not include silicone, abrasives or wax. Truss rod – ok, now you have new strings fitted in and tuned up. Locking trems do not have individual height adjustments for each string, and we have built the fretboard radius to match the radius of the trem. When we were satisfied with the alignment we installed If your fretboard is very dirty, for example ‘Dunlop Fingerboard Cleaner and Prep No. Make sure you take your time and Make sure in hard wood if you leave 1/4" you do not have to pound the posts in as it will split the surrounding wood. Flip the guitar around and place the spring cavity template in its proper location using the two 1/2 inch holes you drilled in Step 2. Hold the string down at first fret and stretch with the other hand. Pickup height – some manufacturers give standard heights for their pickups. You can hear the effect even when playing on a single string. However, it may be months before I have it strung up. Then adjust the rod with the provided 5mm hex key. The Wilkinson (unlike the vintage Fender trem) is designed to be set-up so that at its zero-position (at rest, with the guitar tuned to the desired pitch) is parallel to the flat top of the guitar. After routing we pried the template off of the guitar Hold the string down at first fret and stretch with the other hand. The idea is to match the octave (fretted) note of the strings – one by one – with their corresponding 12th fret open harmonics by shortening or lengthening the strings with adjusting screws. Once marked, we taped This is a pretty Tap the barrel to change it’s angle towards strings. 01’ works great for melting the dirt off the wood before oiling it. Safety Tips: (1) Always wear safety goggles when Attach two screws, one of each side of the spring plate, and slide the other end into each side of the tremolo block. Tune up again. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Cut the new string to appropriate length to avoid overwinding – but don’t cut it too short – a good rule is, that you measure about 2 times the distance from tuner to another and cut from there. 2. bridge posts. qualified luthier or repairer. Look for an oil that does not include silicone. Push the new string to the hole on top of the post and start winding. thats a great idea for finding the center on an unmarked unfamiliar guitar though. Route out the spring cavity using the Forstner bit that you used for the tremolo block to 5/8 of an inch in depth to accommodate the springs for the Wilkinson tremolo. Adjusting the vintage type truss rod – in some of our bolt-on guitars the adjusting nut is located at the body end of the neck.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Cleaning the finish – for light cleaning you can simply wipe the guitar with your Ruokangas microcloth provided with the guitar – or you can use any soft cotton cloth, such as an old t-shirt or such.


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