So, you may want to consider drying your fresh mint. If you don’t feel like making these you have to try Smash Mallow –  Snackable Marshmallows Mint Chocolate Chip from Amazon (so yummy and low cal)! The tincture is good for treating upset stomach, motion sickness, and nausea. My favorite is probably pineapple mint, but I just bought a chocolate mint plant last weekend… I’m already envisioning future dessert ideas with that one! All recipes are made and used at your own risk. She has a recipe for a refreshing Minted Lime Stove Top Potpourri. I planted apple mint, peppermint, chocolate mint, and spearmint. Of course, more traditional mint inspired salad recipes include this delicious tabbouleh or a feta, lime and mint dish. This is not directly linked to all the delicious minty ideas (that I just may try today…hello homemade gifts!). It’s currently trying to overtake the catnip. Mint is one of nature’s most valuable herbal remedies – here’s how you can harness its therapeutic properties: Distill your very own mint essential oil from your organic and homegrown plant and reap its many health benefits – including relief from nausea, stress, indigestion, respiratory problems, headaches, allergies and more. Some comments may be held for manual review. How about a whole cake's worth. Freshens breath (we all know this one!) You get a nice bitterness with the garden-fresh mint; there's nothing better for summer. Add the toasted walnuts, sunflower seeds and garlic and blend until puréed. Hi Minda! You get a very intense drink after you strain it—a very light, negligibly alcoholic tonic in a sense. Please see our Disclosure Page for more information. Some sweet ideas include this Emerald mint milkshake (perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! Mint can, however, be a little invasive and spreads quickly – so don’t be surprised if you end up with an abundance of this zesty herb at the end of the growing season. Check out full interviews and more stories at Since mints tend to grow very well and can be slightly invasive, you may be wondering what to do with too much fresh mint. It makes a much more uniform cut and saves a lot of time snipping herbs into little pieces. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest recipes and tips! 10 Creative Ways To Use Herbs From Your Garden, Growing and Cooking with Mint: Storey’s Country Wisdom Bulletin A-145, 10 Mind Blowing Command Hook Hacks You Need To Know. I definitely planted them too close together & will have to move one soon! My friend wanted r,recipes for excess mint this is so good never knew there was orange mint, Hi Shirley, I’m glad that the recipes will come in handy for your friend! I hope these 14 things to make using fresh mint will make you want to run out and raid the garden for some mint! I had no idea orange mint even existed. 7. Hope it works out, thanks for the inspiration Jan! If you need them quickly, roast them at 400; it's basically the same, just not quite as good. Some sweet ideas include this Emerald mint milkshake (perfect for St. Patrick’s Day! To make and use mint clay shampoo treatment: Mint vinegar is super easy to make and comes in quite handy! Some of the most refreshing summer drinks are based around mint – think mint Juleps or the classic mojito. What to do with mint harvest. Please see our Disclosure Page for more information. Learn how to turn your mint leaves into two kinds of lip balm and a salve. Some of the more popular culinary uses of mint include: Preserving its flavor through a simple vinegar or oil infusion is one of the most convenient ways to use up mint leaves. As I mentioned above, mint (including peppermint) is a wonderful home remedy for upset stomach and indigestion. Step 1 on How to Harvest Mint: Know How is Required . Hello!! Just awesome. Which is great, by the way. If you have time, do them overnight at 190 degrees. these recipes are awesome I cant wait to try them all. Mint also has anti-inflammatory properties and has shown to be effective for managing allergy symptoms. I’ve collected 14 Things to Make Using Fresh Mint, because I have so much of it growing in a container! I've made a ton of mint tea, minty smoothies and I've even juiced it. Mint will tolerate a light frost, but if a hard frost is predicted you may want to consider harvesting any remaining mint to use over the winter. I'm trying to think outside the box though and have come up with a bunch of fun ideas in case any of you find yourselves in a similar mint-ful situation. Mint, like most herbs, is best used fresh when the volatile oils are at their most intense. Jacqueline writes about people who make delicious things; chefs, farmers, beekeepers, bakers, wine makers and distillers, bringing their stories to life through intimate interviews, "As Told To..." pieces, and ghostwriting for their websites and cookbooks. A fresh, creamy and healthy pea and mint soup is always a winner; while orange, carrot and mint make a more surprising but equally delicious combination. Not anymore! I’ll have to add it to my shopping list! How to harvest mint. Mmm! All products linked here have been independently selected by our editors. Leaves are used in jellies, sauces, teas and to flavor various candies. :). Thank you so much… I could very well be wrong lisening to my daughter but I’ll give it a shot…. Follow with a rinse of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. Peppermint is reported to stimulate your scalp, encouraging new hair growth. The flavors might be slightly altered due to type, but they share similar benefits. Mint is easy to grow and helps cool, relieve pain, indigestion, headache & sore muscles. This is my favorite webb site, Aw thanks Shirley! Mint plays the starring role in some delicious sauces and dips. The bees have been loving it. Finally, because mint contains menthol, it is helpful in relieving congestion and other symptoms related to the common cold. Hi Nichole! Yes, you can do any of these mint projects with any type of mint you have on hand: peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint, orange mint, pineapple mint and so forth. If so, be sure to sign up HERE for my newsletter, so you can get my latest DIY projects, money saving tips and recipes sent straight to your inbox! It’s just another reason to bring a flask of homemade mint tea on your morning commute, or stash a vial of mint essential oil in your gym bag. :) Thank you for sharing and I’m happy to hear you like the site! :). The leaves should still have a strong minty smell when you crumble one between your fingers.” Have fun with your mint! Not only will you be encouraging the herb to fill out, but young leaves have more flavor than the older ones. Here’s everything you need to know about harvesting and using homegrown mint. Born and raised in New Orleans, Chef John Russ began his career at the Ritz Carlton and then moved on to Chef John Besh's acclaimed Restaurant August in New Orleans. You can use it to sweeten tea or roll grapes and other fruit in it, for an extra sweet snack. Thank you for all the info that you give us. Posts may be sponsored. Mint plays really nicely with sweetness and is really refreshing, and it heightens the pineapple flavor, while the cilantro adds a savory aspect. :). Jeffrey Saad is owner and executive chef of Studio City's La Ventura, offering customers his interpretations of traditional Mexican cuisine based on his travels through the country. I love the scent of mint sugar! Research has shown that smelling mint can improve alertness and reduce stress.. The tannic acid in the tea draws heat from the burn and restores the skin’s natural pH while the mint cools and soothes. But wanted to know about an oil or spray or something. Finally, it also makes storing fresh mint leaves a lot easier. (This gives a really strong infusion.). There he combines his family's knowledge of Italian sweets with superb ingredients and classic pastry technique. Hi Rosie! I do believe now that I am into my second summer of backyard farming (a term used very loosely), my thumb is getting greener.


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