The image file is 800 pixels on the longest side. The painting was intended to be a metaphor, primarily focused on the transition from the Old to the New Testament, which is expressed through iconography and disguised symbolism. Presented at the top of the building are stain glassed windows which depict scenes from the Hebrew Bible thought to be Old Testament stories, such as Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac. You must agree to the Creative Commons terms and conditions to download this image. The painting, an oil on panel, was completed in 1504 and is an example of Raphael’s increasing maturity and confidence as an artist. Here, Joseph holds a rod that is lush with olive leaves, the Holy Ghost in the form of a dove nestled in its branches – a sign of divine approval. The Marriage of the Virgin by Giotto (Scrovegni Chapel) The Marriage of the Virgin is the subject in Christian art depicting the marriage of the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph. Inside the Romanesque building, thee stained glass windows contain scenes from the Old Testament. Contents 1 Introduction 2 The Exchange of the …   Wikipedia, The Virgin of Zesh — Infobox Book | name = The Virgin the Wheels title orig = translator = image caption = Cover art from The Virgin the Wheels , featuring a scene from The Virgin of Zesh author = L. Sprague de Camp illustrator = cover artist = Don Maitz country =… …   Wikipedia, Coronation of the Virgin (Fra Angelico, Uffizi) — Coronation of the Virgin Artist Fra Angelico Year c. 1432 Type Tempera on panel Dimensions 112 cm × 114 cm (44 in × 45 in) Location …   Wikipedia, Master of the Life of the Virgin — Deposition of Christ at the Wallraf Richartz Museum, Cologne. The is a digh degree of detail on the pillars with their sharp lines and pointed arches, compared to the rounded arches of the Romanesque architecture on the left side of the painting. Wedding processions are also shown, especially in the Early Medieval period. The Marriage Customs Marriage custom of that day was as follows: The Groom would prepare a place for his bride. After the Holy Spirit descended as a dove and caused Joseph's rod to blossom, he and Mary were married according to Jewish custom. Research, private study, or for internal circulation within an educational organisation (such as a school, college or university), Non-profit publications, personal websites, blogs, and social media. Open Content images tend to be large in file-size. Directed by Joseph Maxwell. This reinforces the message that the Romanesque architecture is symbolic for the Old Testament which represents a time where Judaism was widely practiced and followed. Open Content images tend to be large in file-size. [1], Saint James and Saint Clare (1427), Robert Campin, Prado. In front of her a character kneels to present her with a vase. The pillars and arches of the architecture divide the painting, and the main action takes place under the central archway. The man whose rod bloomed would win her hand in marriage. The division of the picture into three parts follows a pattern set by the artist’s Sienese predecessors, who painted scenes from the Virgin’s life for the cathedral (Duomo) in Siena in the mid-1340s. One shows the Crucifixion (now in the Museuo dell' Opera del Duomo, Siena) and the other shows the birth of Virgin (now in the Pinacoteca Vaticana, Rome). While it is not certain that this work was painted by Gregorio, it is likely to have been; it bears a resemblance to the only signed work by him (now in the Pinacoteca, Siena) which shows the Virgin Mary feeding the Christ Child while seated on the ground. The marriage of the virgin The name of this artwork i picked is “The Marriage of the Virgin,1515-1520, oil on panel” in the Saint Louis Art Museum. The Betrothal of Joseph and Mary signify the impending arrival of a new era. The picture was once part of a predella, a horizontal series of images running along the bottom of an altarpiece. Marriage of the Virgin —    The scene stems from Jacobus da Voragine s Golden Legend. The Miracle of the Rod presents the high priest Abithar who is sacrificing in the Holy of Holies, the inner chamber of the sanctuary in the Jewish Temple. The text on this page is licensed under a, All Getty Research Institute Publications, Conservation Perspectives, The GCI Newsletter, GCI Reference Collection (for materials analysis), Research Assistance at GCI Information Center, Links to Cultural Heritage Policy Documents, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF). This work by Robert Campin is one of his earliest and w This image is licensed for non-commercial use under a Creative Commons agreement. Here, Joseph holds a rod that is lush with olive leaves, the Holy Ghost in the form of a dove nestled in its branches – a sign of divine approval. Joseph, who held the rod that bloomed, was granted Mary s hand in marriage. As a charity, we depend upon the generosity of individuals to ensure the collection continues to engage and inspire. Gregorio was from Siena, a city dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and the division of the picture into three follows the pattern set by artists who painted scenes from the Virgin’s life for the city’s cathedral in the mid-1340s. With Vera Sisson, Rudolph Valentino, Frank Newburg, Kathleen Kirkham. It entered into the Spanish royal collection at El Escorial in 1584. Behind him unsuccessful suitors break their barren rods in frustration. The arched windows resemble contemporary Gothic church or palace architecture, rather than that of a Jewish temple where Mary might have worshipped. The Golden Legend, which derives its account from the much older Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew, recounts how, when Mary was 14 (and living in the Temple), the high priest gathered together all the male descendents of David of marriageable age (including Saint Joseph, though he was much older than the rest) and ordered them to bring a rod. They were in competition for Mary’s hand in marriage which, they were told, would be won by the man whose rod bloomed. The symbolism of the Gothic architecture on the right is related to the imminent arrival of the New Law under Jesus.


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