The new guidance will assist HSC staff involved in procurement decisions to understand how social clauses can contribute to wider societal goals, maximise the benefits of the expenditure being undertaken and underpin the delivery of health and wellbeing to the population of Northern Ireland. This approach to organisational change cannot be delivered through a programme that has a start and end date. Anyone who has lived through a house renovation will have been incredibly inconvenienced. Mark McLaren posted on Transformation of health and social care services is a long term goal. The Transformation Program. And that’s where the importance of leadership comes in. This gives us some clues, but it’s not nearly complete. General McChrystal argues that transformational efforts need to be ‘consistently nurturing the structure, process and culture of your organisation with the aim of fostering an environment in which everyone is engaged in living their way to the future’. Transformation sounds impressive, glamorous even, but what does it actually mean? In March this year, the Department announced £30m for targetting waiting times and towards achieving stabilisation of current hospital waiting lists. It’s messy, uncomfortable, unknowable. I’d suggest you call it whatever it is you’re doing – and leave transformation out of it. The word transformation has a positive meaning. For too long HSC services have been planned and managed around structures and buildings. Transformation implies things will change for the better. We have Transformation Directors, Transformational Strategy and The 7 Lenses of Transformation. A report setting out progress towards the aims of Delivering Together and the actions in contains is now available. This work places a strong emphasis on ensuring the user’s voice is heard, as they will play a key role in developing and implementing new services and care pathways. Please enable JavaScript to view the site. Employees are sceptical. This was particularly well received by attendees and visibly served to illustrate how senior system leaders are working together in practice. A further £30m has been announced for reforming community and hospital services such as cancer, stroke, paediatric services and diabetes care and prevention, and implementing transformative change through initiatives like introducing elective care centres and medicines. His analogy is to lead like a gardener laying fertile ground – and then nurturing, tending, growing, and responding to your climate and context. on 18 July 2019, Hi Emma, I missed your Twitter chat on this but you might like my article on The Myth of Digital Transformation! Comment by Program is inflected programs, programming, programmer, and programmed.Programme makes programmes, programming, programmer, and programmed.. It will mean a patients’ health and care information will be available to those who need it in one digital record, and as individuals we will be able to securely access our information and interact with the system. By Roger Burghall, Vince Grant, John Morgan . The Guidance on the Use of Social Clauses and Social Considerations in Procurement Contracts was launched on 10 May 2018. Please see to learn more about our global network of member firms. We need to accept that our behaviours are our culture. DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities. Together with the Department of Education, the Department has launched a public consultation on a draft Strategy for Looked After Children, Improving Children’s Lives. How to request information from the Department of Health including Freedom of Information, information about yourself and the type of information we commit to publish on a regular basis. At the heart of the strategy is the stated aim that by 2026, we meet our workforce needs, and the needs of our workforce – both equally important. How often is the word transformation used to describe programmes which are about cutting costs and improving productivity? Delivering Together puts people at the forefront. After six years of leading transformation in government, this is my attempt to explain what it is, what it’s not, and how to spot the difference. Sharon Gallagher, the Department’s Director of Transformation, also provided a progress update on Key Transformation Priorities. In the United States, Deloitte refers to one or more of the US member firms of DTTL, their related entities that operate using the "Deloitte" name in the United States and their respective affiliates. The Transformation Advisory Board (TAB) acts in an advisory capacity to oversee the direction of reform. Further information on the encompass Programme can be found here or by contacting the Team at Members of the Board have been drawn from the field of independent experts, unions and user representatives. Design has started, and the procurement process for the Programme will start soon with the aim of beginning implementation in 2020. Around a third of the £15m will be directed towards nursing, midwifery and allied health professional workforce, including increasing our total training places for nursing and midwifery to an all time high for Northern Ireland. Time and time again I've seen people approach transformational activity as an intellectual exercise. However it’s spelled, it means a plan of actions, activities, or procedures, usually for a specific purpose. The 10 year strategy is designed to be a long term approach which can take account of changes and improvements to health and social care over its life. It’s like renovating a house. To use the house analogy again, you’re looking at rewiring, replumbing and reconfiguring how things work together, which in the context of your organisation – is how your people, their skills and behaviours – rub along. The guidance was prepared as part of the work of the transformation workstream “Innovative Use of Social Procurement Clauses” and was developed with stakeholders from the community and voluntary sector, policy leads and health and social care organisations. Transformation Integration has been saved, Transformation Integration has been removed, An Article Titled Transformation Integration already exists in Saved items. Strategy deployment will need a series of projects and activities that ideally are sponsored or championed by leaders and managers. on 18 July 2019. It is nice “in-season” or when time is an issue. Learn how to capitalize on the opportunities created by new digital capabilities—including big data. Decades ago, program appeared in American and British writing. If specialist interventions are required these will be of high quality and delivered in a safe and timely way. Delivering a programme does not change people’s behaviour. Richard Pengelly, DoH Permanent Secretary and Chair of TIG gave the opening keynote address and a panel of TIG members spent an hour answering questions and sharing their personal reflections on the transformation process, as well as meeting delegates over lunch. Transformation is about each of us living our way towards the future we are aiming to create. Probably far more so than you imagined. Discover Deloitte and learn more about our people and culture. The joint strategy was developed with the input of key stakeholders, including children and young people who are care-experienced. A podcast by our professionals who share a sneak peek at life inside Deloitte. People change their own behaviour.


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