Crisp and light, with a subtly sugary sweetness. Musty, off and rough. One selling point for Chopin potato vodka is its mixability. The label says that sweet potatoes don’t grow well in our harsh winters but that last fall they were able to grow a few acres of sweet potatoes specifically for their … Just like in other potato vodkas, Boyd & Blair gives you that smell of vegetation and earthiness and sweet taste of vanilla and mineral water. No spam and entirely confidential. Shop around; anything from 10 to 30 dollars is a reasonable price for vodka. A: Chopin potato vodka, Boyd & Blair potato vodka, Corbin Cash sweet potato vodka, Grand Teton potato vodka, and Smirnoff are the top potato vodkas on the shop shelves today. Some people with wheat intolerances however, still get a reaction to wheat-based vodkas, so potato-based vodkas are an excellent alternative. In the world of vodka I have found no equal. I also love the unique flavor profile that those sweet potatoes bring to the table. For you to enjoy your Vodka the right way, you should make sure to get the best potato vodka. If you’re up for a challenge, Corbin vodka is a great choice and is very easy to drink straight. The quality is considered to be amazing.  +  You can distill Vodka from any starch-rich plant such as wheat. The Chopin Vodka comes with the traditional sweetness of all the vodkas. Corbin Vodka is made from several varieties of California sweet potatoes... a departure from the far more typical grain vodkas familiar in the major big market brands. 2 Your email address will not be published. The spent mash is returned to the soil to enrich the next crop. We were on our way camping but while driving through the town we noticed something peculiar: signs proclaiming some kind of potato festival. Boyd & Blair will not only attract with its sweet smell, but it is also soothing to your palate. This Vodka enjoys a unique space on the shelf for me. It literally launched a week after this review posted and we’re getting distribution set up right now… Nationwide is the goal as well as online retailers. It is crafted in small batches with locally grown Covington Sweet Potatoes. It is also highly versatile, and it offers you a smooth and creamy texture. Required fields are marked *. Sweet potatoes are also considered more nutritious and energy-packed. Does this make sense? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Time limit is exhausted. Whiffs of the clean alcohol and an ever so slightly sweet minerality. I have to be honest, I totally understand why they may want to put those potatoes to use making vodka rather than french fries. I have been a license bartender for 14 years, I worked of the most upscale restaurants in downtown San Francisco, and recently stumbled upon Corbin vodka. Review: Bud Light Seltzer Ugly Sweater Pack, Review: The Dublin Liberties Oak Devil Irish Whiskey, Review: Connellys Strawberry Country Cream, Review: Willies Superbrew Pear & Cinnamon. Corbin California Estate Grown Sweet Potato Vodka On The Web: Corbin California Estate Grown Sweet Potato Vodka is a 40% ABV vodka from the United States. It’s smooth on the initial sip, and soft on the pallet. Additionally, you can use the leftover pulp after distillation as feed for your cows and other animals. From big, bold, and spicy to smooth and sweet, or anything in between, there’s a vodka out there for every palate. Potato vodka made at home always tastes better if you use Idaho russet potatoes or locally grown potatoes. setTimeout( While their vodka is their main product I was intrigued when I noticed a sweet potato vodka available. Name and e-mail are required. The potato vodkas in this review give leading vodkas like Blue Ice a run for their money. This bottle has not been rated by this competition. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to try it some day. Do not skip the distillation process if you want your vodka to go down a treat with guests. Unsubscribe at any time. I am so impressed of Corbin that I felt other bartender should know that to increase their sales. Boyd & Blair potato sure is glamorous, so if you are looking for potato vodka for sipping or cocktails, Boyd & Blair is what you are looking for. According to the bottle, this is batch 6 of the product. That information will be held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy A: Chopin is a smooth vodka to drink straight. Our alcohol is reviewed at 36 degree unless stated differently. Have you heard of the emergence of sweet potato vodka? The sweet potato is native to Central and South America, but 80% of the worlds sweet potatoes are grown in China. While their vodka is their main product I was intrigued when I noticed a sweet potato vodka available. Next, prepare the potatoes by removing any dirt and then chop them into pieces as if you will be making mash potato. A bottle of vodka can cost you anything from $10 to $100. If you like the sound of trying a smooth and creamy potato-based vodka, give one of the above a go! = "block"; Corbin Sweet Potato Vodka tastes pasty and rank, as in disagreeable. Smooth with limited burn and a great body. Boil them until they are soft, strain the water out of them and then put them in a fermenter. While their vodka is their main product I was intrigued when I noticed a sweet potato vodka available.


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