They are a handy thing to own anyway if you are heading into the hills. A Gore-Tex bivy sack is really the industry standard at this point and we recommend always looking for this feature. Once you’ve considered all these factors, you’re ready to find the best bivy sack for your lightweight adventure! While there … Let me know how you get on! The Woodland Camouflage Waterproof Bivy Cover offers classic Bivy coverage that’s good enough for the US Army. Haha! Generally speaking, what is the bug situation like? Ive actually been using my $20 tent and sleeping bag together as a makeshift bivvy. Nowadays, bivy sacks are built like mini 1-person tents. This feature really enhances the experience. Not longer I searched for an empty spot on the grass. Hi Al, This way, even with a build up of moisture, the bag remains ‘mostly’ effective. Outdoor Research Helium Bivy. I really recommend a basha if the weather is a bit dodgy! Hi, apologies if this is covered elsewhere (I can’t find anything) .. The fact is we all have different sleeping requirements. I have found the Exped with PU floor as the best so far. If you’re looking to go ultralight, or at least cutting weight from your pack than an ultralight bivy sack will be a great option. I loved the hanging. Watching Shug talking about hammocks at youtube, and due to the ticks that kept crawling up my legs, I choose to go hiking with a hammock, with a mosquito net, but without a tarp. Other than that I don’t know – according to the price tag the Rab one should be much better…. Definitely up for trying. How about a Dutch army hooped bivvy – mines very good. I’mm Alastair, an adventurer and author. By the way, where is the location of the image near the top of the page – red tent and mountain – it looks like a place I have to visit! will this/has this caused anyone any problems in the past? Most of all, they’re realizing that no shelter covers your lightweight backpacking needs like a bivy sack. Encouraging and inspiring site. As it is made from 28um tear-resistant fabric, it is more durable than most emergency bivys, and, although it cannot replace a true backpacking bivy… The Bivy is good sized especially for a Bivy is about as lightweight as most at just under 2 and a half pounds. They pack down night and small. Sleeping with this open is where a hoop and bug netting comes in handy. However, once you start checking the features you’ll notice that newer bivy sacks offer a decent amount of luxury. Thanks for the reply. If the terrain is a bit more hilly and rockier, a bivy sack might be the best option. It’s as simple as this. Nevertheless, hooped rods themselves are super lightweight and don’t add much to your pack. Like the new web site! Some people need more space than others to sleep. /Jerker, I have found the Exped with PU floor as the best so far. Agreed! Gore-Tex is a breathable, waterproof membrane made from a thin layer of polytetrafluoroethylene that contains over 9 billion pores per square inch. Please feel free to use, distribute, print, put on your Facebook page, edit or hack as much as you wish. To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button below. What I would recommend is just buying something very cheap. It’s 7 feet long and 2 feet wide so it should be able to fit even the tallest camper with at least some gear. A shame because otherwise it’s a great experience. The Snugpak 92860 Stratosphere is a great lightweight Bivy that works well in cold temperatures. The S.O.L.


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