Is DOS a good choise? Recently, I have came across (in an unpublished study) that 6SV model cannot be used to perform atmospheric correction over water (which is strange to me)! Nevertheless, when meteorological data are available, an atmospheric correction algorithm based on a radiative transfer model is preferred (e.g., Allan et al., 2011). OLI only scenes can not be processed to Surface Reflectance. First, the water vapor content is estimated for Sentinel-2 (respectively, Venμs) based on the channel at 940 nm (respectively, 910 nm). Any idea on how I can convert the DN values to Reflectance before carrying out my vegetation indices? Thus, the radiance measured by the instrument over these zones of zero reflectance is the upwelling atmospheric radiance Latm,m. A1, B1 and Latm,m are estimated with the help of the radiative transfer code MODTRAN and a knowledge of the atmosphere. New correction codes such as ATCOR [RIC 98, RIC 02] and SIERRA [ACH 09] have been developed in order to take into consideration Earth–atmosphere coupling effects, as well as to take relief into account through corrections for estimated radiative terms based on MODTRAN. A Semian... Hyperspectral Remote Sensing for Shallow Waters. The ACORN code [KRU 04], based on the MODTRAN-4 transfer code [BER 89], provides improvements for the estimation of reflectance of terrestrial surfaces in H2O absorption bands where water vapor and liquid waterbands overlap in vegetation. Avaliação de Recursos Florestais com base na geoestatística e na detecção remota (Assessment to forest resources based on geostatistics and remote sensing). The cost function, along with the direct and indirect constraints for the unknown parameters, are all critical components of the optimized algorithm. Thus, the reflectance is written as: ρ=π.LT−Latm,m−L1%ES,D. Although never included as part of oceanographic missions, spaceborne LiDARs were found to be useful sensors for studying relationships between sea surface reflectance and wind speed [LAN 05], bathymetry [BAR 11] and detection of suspended particulates in oceanic [BEH 13, CHU 13a, LU 14] and coastal waters [SHI 08]. Tests are then carried out in order to detect the presence of shadows, water and clouds. Finally, a new irradiance term, Erefl_envi, is introduced justified by the reflection of the radiative signal coming from the surrounding pixels and incident to the considered pixel is introduced. (2016 and 2017) is, I have a confusion about the numerator of this equation, I would like to know that the terms Lu(λ) and ρLsky(λ) are being multiplied with each other or subtracted? According to my knowledge, the units of the remote sensing reflectance (sr. Is remote sensing reflectance (Rrs) only associated with water surface? (2013), however, compared four different atmospheric correction algorithms, including QUAC, for the correction of HJ-1A/1B images from the Poyang Lake in China and found that the accuracy of QUAC was lower than that of the three other algorithms, namely, the Fast Line-of-sight Atmospheric Analysis of Spectral Hypercubes (FLAASH), 6S, and COST. Recently I have came across two different equations for the estimation of Remote Sensing Reflectance (Rrs), i.e. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. As shown in Figure 5.2, MODTRAN (see Section 5.5.1) is used to simulate the apparent radiance within the wavelength range of 0.4–2.5 μm. Nevertheless, the other sensors, especially those functioning in the microwave region, also provide interesting and complementary images. This is the case for characterization, classification, unmixing, segmentation or detection methods to identify, classify, break down, extract or detect classes, materials or interesting objects on the surface. According to the equation, the radiance received by the sensors that is given by L, L0, s, and TFd/π can be calculated by the radiative transfer model and used to calculate the surface reflectance. Direct irradiance has a different solar incidence resulting from the slope of the considered point (the solar zenith angle is defined to the normal vector of the surface).


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