Mrs. Mallard has heart troubles that could kill her. A mother is telling her daughter how to live her life properly. They can be used for free as teaching materials or reading homework. And just like every other invention, we need to decide their costs and benefits. “Girl” talks about how girls are taught to live restricted lives since childhood. “Little Dorrit” shows clearly how it works in society. The characters realize that they never thought about the ways their wishes could destroy people and their lives. What Is Great About It: It is no secret that governments lie to their own people. After a tragic loss, he finally gets to know her story through a hidden message which he should have read a long time ago. The story explores the conflicting range of human emotions of grief and hope in a short span, and the impact it can have on a person’s mind and body. It also has a moving message about never taking your loved ones for granted. Such articles will help and motivate students to get more knowledge about different topics. Despite her grief, Mrs. Mallard is able to keep herself healthy with the hope of freedom from her husband. The story is precisely about this debate. The speaker accomplishes this by discussing the details of the tragic death of a coworker’s wife in the same unwavering, mundane (normal) tone as he discusses the details of the copier and office refrigerator. He loves to play with clay on a potter’s wheel all day and likes to keep to himself. For example, if you click on “whooped and hollered,” here’s what you’ll see: Click the “Add To” button in the top-right corner to put this phrase into a custom flashcard deck or vocabulary list. Good dancers have to wear weights so that they do not dance too well. However, the child develops a deadly disease and the fairies have no idea what to do since they have never known illness or death. Practice Writing The speaker exposes this reality that nobody will ever admit to. But this works better when you’re reading better stories. Eventually, she goes to her room and locks herself in. Hundreds of English short stories with audio and exercises are for intermediate English learners. ESL Gold is dedicated to being the fastest and easiest way to learn English as a Second Language online. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to All Rights Reserved. Sly is a chimpanzee who is much smarter than other beings of his kind. As she is taking it home, it keeps changing. Even better, each FluentU video comes with a vocabulary list, a transcription and a comprehension quiz. Nature is often seen as a powerful force which should be feared and respected. Note: You can find this story as part of a collection of stories by this author in PDF format here. He gets to know about a failed marriage and helps Ramanujam’s daughter get engaged with a suitable match. FluentU helps you learn fast with useful questions and multiple examples. “The Tortoise and the Hare” by Aesop. And just like any other good story, it is also about human relationships and how they change due to historic events. It reminds us that animals can also experience feelings of love and, like humans, they will also protect the ones they love. It is about the government jailing people for not being able to return their loans, a historical practice the writer hated since his own father was punished in a similar way. He specializes in topics like education, psychology and lifestyle. You need to start small in order to achieve something big like that. Exam Preparation The basic characters are taken from Shakespeare’s famous play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” However, in this story the plot and the concept are entirely different. Eventually, the students start to lose faith in everything, and the adults have to put on a show of love to make themselves less frightened. One day they find a human child and decide to adopt him. (Download). This excerpt introduces you to the family and their life in prison. Many working English learners will relate to it as it explains the absurdities of modern office life and how so little of it makes sense. It explores the grief of parenthood and also the uncertainty of knowing whether your child will ever even know you. Build Vocabulary Would you whitelist this site? He was one of the most unfortunate … Love stories for learners in simple English (short romance stories) Stories in the Present Progressive Dancing in Class Paying Attention An Amazing Performance A Very Important Game Quite the Pep Talk! It is no wonder that they let you understand big concepts with only a little bit of reading practice. World top 10 best mostly recommended short motivational and inspirational stories with morals that can change you thinking and life in english language.Stories have power to change a negative life into positive life. What Is Great About It: The old lady in this story is one of the most cheerful characters anyone can encounter in English fiction. Ruskin Bond used to spend his summer at his grandmother’s house in Dehradun. Throughout his journey, he ignores the advice other people had given him and takes his life for granted. These will not only improve your English reading comprehension but also open your mind to different worlds. Upper-Intermediate. It is old, but the language is fairly easy to understand. This is best for beginners who want to start reading immediately. You do not need to wait several years to deal with complex concepts. Teach English and learn new things with our educational reading section. The technical vocabulary and foreign words make this text a little more difficult. It makes us realize how inefficient our education systems are because they can not help us deal with life’s most basic issues. Plus, you can click to other FluentU videos that include the same phrase in different contexts. Thank you for By the end, readers wonder who is really intelligent—the man who could not deal with nature or the dog who could survive? Articles are written in very simple and easy language using very easy words. In this way, the cycle of misunderstanding and avoiding life’s issues continues on. The story is divided into small parts that make it both easy and exciting to read. The plot is about two boys, George and Harold, who like to draw comics and are famous pranksters in Check out our favorite products and sister sites. This story is about our attachment to strangers and why we cherish them even though we do not meet them ever again. The guiding principle of JSSE has been to solicit contributions from specialists on the short story … Short Readings and Exercises from America’s Library ( But one day when the school kids bully him, he loses his temper and acts out in anger. In this story the characters immediately regret when their wishes come true because either someone dies or something worse happens. FluentU is an innovative language-learning platform that turns real-world videos into language-learning experiences. Delighted with her luck, she decides to keep it. That video is also available on FluentU, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t understand—just click on any word in the interactive subtitles for an instant definition. An old man lived in the village. 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