And so, apparently what’s happening here is that these men are being harassed by those who scornfully ask them about the existence of their God. he has not stopped remembering God’s kindness, God’s majesty, God’s intimate of the 1769 edition of the 1611 Authorized Version). They need God. Does your soul seek God? As long as it’s not the Lord – worshipping the Lord, being with his people in the place in which his people get together to worship. 33 0 obj In order to see the depth of the meaning of these Psalms, one must look at how they were written and what kinds of styles were used in their construction. If He is my life, According to most interpreters, it is the repetition of the same thought in two different phrases using two different yet closely related sets of words. Do you have the same concerns about Christianity at large? And that might seem to be an unjust accusation against God – and yet, if the context of this psalm is these men being led away into exile, then it was truly God who made that happen to Israel and/or Judah for their sins against him. Hermon is somewhere about 90 miles further north of Mahanaim. This psalm is titled To the Chief Musician. Wait for God. I shall praise Him. He knows that the voice of joy and praise is right and Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1994. It is human spirit crying out, it is God's revelation to us, His people, and it is the comfort and encouragement we all need as we seek after God like the thirsty deer seeks for refreshing water. Though the reader may not feel like God is there, by day or night, thick or thin, the living God is there. “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. But the Christian life is not all about Does your soul seek God? The main evidence to support the argument that these two Psalms are one is the refrain that occurs in each stanza. he would have the peace of God but instead, a troubled heart. chief Musician, Maschil, for the sons of Korah. As the hart In the title of this Psalm is the name Miskil or Maschil. Psalm 42 is a lament psalm written by men who formerly were able to freely worship God with the Lord’s people. ‘The deer that rejects water.’ Doesn’t believe in it, doesn’t long for it, or doesn’t know they long for it. Then, the person is able to search for the similarity and apply it to his or her life and surroundings. challenge us, we should take stock, ask the Lord to examine us, confess sins, There are no more metaphors to describe his thirsty soul. He listens to his flesh attack his spirit, as he hears his tears asking him "where is your God?" For me? John Calvin explains it this way, "by the term depth, he shows that the temptations by which he was assailed were such, that they might well be compared to gulfs in the sea; then he complains of their long continuance, which he describes by the very appropriate figure, that his temptations cry out from a distance, and call to one another." {� They’ve even been granted the awesome privlege – under the Holy Spirit’s guidance – to pen several chapters of Scripture. As one In verse three, one can see how the author is looking forward to his return to God's presence. All three of these verses conclude a stanza, thus dividing Psalm 42 into two stanzas, Psalm 42:1-5 and 6-11, and making all five verses of Psalm 43 into one stanza. TRUST IN GOD Vss. life, nor is it the Christian life. Because of his great thirst for God he wants this desire to be fulfilled and quenched. David knows that God is his rock. If he lives, then you know he can still hear and answer us. WHAT’S THE PSALM ABOUT? purpose of this trouble, this sin, this depression, this unsettlement? As will be discussed further in this paper, the author of Psalms 42 and 43 was not only influenced by the ancient Hebrew age, environment, and social conditions, but they played a very practical role in his description of being far removed from God. Required fields are marked *. : Merriam-Webster, Inc, 2003. The author wants to reassure and encourage his readers or singers to also hope in God, despite the circumstances of life. Strip away – allow God to strip away – all the things that give us temporary satisfaction. And the living God through Christ will quench that thirst if one is able to believe that Christ is the sustainer of life. Supposed to be written by some king or priest on his way into exile, perhaps somewhere in the region of Mount Hermon. Or, many other His great hope is that he will one day be back into the place of worship with his people, experiencing that which he had once before. What better comfort to the soul is there than this? And why does his mourning continue because of his enemies? bring relief. Here And yet, apparently some of the children – maybe those who were too young to participate in the rebellion – were spared and went on to be “somebodys” for the Lord. To make it clear that they were worthy recipients of God's justice, they referred to themselves as weak, helpless, and oppressed. Includes index. Grand Rapids: Wm. (1st ed.). %PDF-1.5 Then, in Psalm 42 he asks why he is forgotten, but heightens that in the parallel line of Psalm 43 when he says God rejects him or casts him off.


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