An Act to approve and implement the trade agreements negotiated under the Trade Act of 1974, and for other purposes. This will also increase the usable size of the SSD tier increasing effective performance and allowing more data to sit in the SSD tier. NOTE: make sure the AOS and hypervisor versions are on the compatibility matrix (LINK). Nutanix will continue improving its placement algorithms. The following table characterizes the encoded strip sizes and example overheads: It is always recommended to have a cluster size which has at least 1 more node (or block for block aware data / parity placement) than the combined strip size (data + parity) to allow for rebuilding of the strips in the event of a node or block failure. The figure shows the section and hyperlinked vDisk Id: This will bring you to the vdisk_stats page which will give you the detailed vDisk stats. Common Criteria was produced predominantly so that companies selling computer products for the government market (mainly for Defense or Intelligence use) would only need to have them evaluated against one set of standards. When drained from OpLog to the Extent Store the data will be decompressed, aligned and then re-compressed at a 32K aligned unit size (as of 5.1). The following figure shows a high-level overview of the backend workflow: The next step is to SSH into the newly provisioned Docker Host(s) via docker-machine ssh: Before we start the volume driver we'll make sure we have the latest driver, to pull the latest version run: Now that we have the latest version we'll start the Nutanix Docker Volume Driver: This will prompt you for the following details: After that runs you should now see the container running the volume plugin: [root@DOCKER-NTNX-00 ~]# docker ps Currently ODX IS invoked for the following operations: Deploy the template from the SCVMM Library (DSF SMB share) – NOTE: Shares must be added to the SCVMM cluster using short names (e.g., not FQDN). Traditionally compliance is checked retroactively and is a fairly manual process. NOTE: A remote site must be configured for a remote retention/replication policy to be configured. to be mixed in a single cluster. NTFS ID Name Description Enabled | 15430780 | Snappy | 1.23 TB | 89.37 GB | 1.14 TB | 14.1043 | Strip sizes are dynamically sized and integrated with node addition/removal. Compliance is typically something people refer to when looking at certain accreditations like PCI, HIPPA, etc. ncli cluster get-domain-fault-tolerance-status type=rackable_unit. Description: Cerebro is responsible for the replication and DR capabilities of DSF. In certain scenarios the hypervisor may combine or split operations coming from VMs which can show the difference in metrics reported by the VM and hypervisor. After the compression delay (configurable) is met, the data is eligible to become compressed. All write I/Os will occur locally right away. In summary it is preferred to leverage synchronous replication / metro clustering for the following reasons: Below we breakdown some common scenarios and the level of tolerance: As of AOS base software version 4.5 and later block awareness is best effort and doesn't have strict requirements for enabling. Any limits below this value would be due to limitations on the client side, such as the maximum vmdk size on ESXi. Within Nutanix Backup and DR, there are a few key constructs: Create multiple PDs for various services tiers driven by a desired RPO/RTO. All storage I/O for VMs running on a Nutanix node is handled by the hypervisor on a dedicated private network. When you look at existing scheduling / optimization platforms (VMware DRS, Microsoft PRO) they are all focused on balancing workloads evenly across cluster resources. This capability builds upon and extends the native DR and replications features that have been availble in AOS and configured in PE for years. The following figure shows an example of the communication between the NearSync components: When a user configures a snapshot frequency <= 15 minutes, NearSync is automatically leveraged.


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