Spidey’s Costumes. Amazingly, people all across Europe buy the lie and we see some hilarious moments when ‘Night Monkey’ appears in Berlin and The Netherlands. Therefore, he gets lent the new stealth suit by Nick Fury, you know, the black one we see in some of the trailers, so that people don’t recognise that he’s actually Spider-Man despite it being horrendously obvious that he’s quite clearly Spider-Man. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It would also fit, and be quite funny, if the name and suit were to return in Spider-Man 3, especially given the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home. In modern times, a crime lord self-styled himself as a modern day "Monkey King." You knew that but it's more fun to imagine a world where a Night Monkey story could be told in one-off fashion, at least. Seven actresses who would kill it as Bond. Unlike his human counterpart, Spider-Monkey was more egotistical, naive, and a bit more accepting of the world around him. Spider-Monkey was a spider monkey who was the Marvel Apes universe counterpart of Spider-Man. Maybe Spider-Man can no longer save the day, but Night Monkey still can. You know, Night Monkey, that European superhero introduced in Spider-Man: Far … Spider-Man: Far From Home went down an absolute treat, offering up some much-needed levity after the cataclysmic events of April’s Avengers: Endgame. There is no comic version of Spider-Man known as Night Monkey or at least not yet. Sony Releases New Marvel Studios Night Monkey Trailer By Brandon Davis - September 17, 2019 01:25 pm EDT A new character has been introduced to the world and has become an … In an effort to steer people away from thinking that Spider-Man just happened to end up in Europe, Peter’s best friend and man in the chair, Ned, quickly comes up with the name Night Monkey off the top of his head, claiming that this is just a European knock-off version of Spider-Man that he’s read about online. Spider-Man: Far From Home refers to Spidey in his stealth suit as Night Monkey, but is this actually taken from the pages of Marvel Comics? But, like all of you out there, we’re pinning our hopes on Sony and Disney reaching a workable agreement to keep Spidey in the MCU as he’s become an integral part of those films and it would be a travesty to lose him over a silly squabble over the character’s film rights. BOND, JANE BOND! “It’s inspired by a bunch of different looks in the comics,” Spider-Man: Far From Home executive producer Eric Carroll said. To help the home release of Far From Home – and for reasons we’ll get into – they’ve recently unveiled a trailer for the film, packaged as a movie called The Night Monkey – it’s great fun! Spider-Man: Far From Home introduces a new name for the web-slinger, referring to him as Night Monkey when he's wearing his black stealth suit, but is this actually taken from Marvel's Spider-Man comics? However, as far as we’re aware, the rights of Spider-Man, that Sony seems so keen to hold onto, don’t include the European alter ego, Night Monkey. Night Monkey was clearly established as Tony Stark’s successor, the heart of Phase 4 and beyond. There was no way of knowing just how iconic it would become. It would seem that the name Night Monkey, which is actually a real type of monkey, by the way, is a creation purely for this film. He deserves his own trailer -- and he got one. And it’s got all these little details, which Ryan’s amazing at.”, “We thought [the Stealth Suit] was so cool, but [director] Jon Watts really wanted to find a way to make it less cool,” he continued. It’s got to look really dumb, when he has to flip that up.’ So, at the eleventh hour, he’s looking down all these imposing characters — Nick Fury and so on — and then [Peter] has to flip this up and talk to him.”. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook.com Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, By Brandon Davis Spider-Monkey is first seen fighting against Doctor Ooktavius, who Gibbon helped to defeat. More: Every Spider-Man Movie Suit Ranked (Including Far From Home), All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Give it a watch below: ODD ONE OUT: How to watch Jesy Nelson’s eye-opening documentary.


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