I'm stoked. NECA TMNT Cartoon April O’Neil and Bashed Foot, Transformers R.E.D. Predator 2 ? Brand New in Box Unopened Complete Pre-order at the links below. Each 2-pack include two 7" scale action figures and accessories. It mostly just swivels as the ball is set back rather deep so he can’t do much with it. Slash is complete with all seen which should be all the accessories Leatherhead has a broken clean clamp his belt which was broken out of packaging. As such, I get the sense this version of Slash isn’t remembered fondly by a large part of the fanbase, though I like him well enough. It think this year has proven that the Target/Walmart exclusive route just isn't a viable option for collectors and only pisses them off and makes them quit the hobby. I love how NECA’s belt has the extra part flapping off of the front, a nice attention to detail. The chest is probably the same, but where Rocksteady has a rubbery shirt, Leatherhead has a plastic addition to simulate his scaled belly/chest. He has full cheeks and pockmarked skin with ugly teeth reminding me of a jack-o-lantern. There’s a lot of paint on this guy so take care when first messing around with him as some joints might be stuck. They are priced at $51.99 each, and are limited to two per person. In the promo shots, it looks like NECA just crammed the tails under the belt. It might take a little while, but it would seem NECA understands the frustrations in the collector community and is committed to making sure every TMNT fan gets a shot at owning these figures. NECA TMNT Target Exclusive Zarax and Zork IN HAND READY TO SHIP NIB, NECA Bebop And Rocksteady 2-pack TMNT Target Exclusive NIB , NEW 2020 NECA TMNT TRICERATON INFANTRYMAN ROADKILL RODNEY 2pack Target Exclusive, NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Slash & Leatherhead 2-pack Target Exclusive, NECA TMNT April O'Neil vs. Of course after how hard it became to find Turtles I decided I would only buy the characters I absolutely wanted so I don't need Metalhead, Slash, and Leatherhead. Condition is New. Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store & online. by Jay Cochran August 04, 2020 NECA has announced the next 2-pack from their third wave of Target exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Animated Series figures being released will be Slash And Leatherhead. Any torso articulation that might be present underneath that plastic chest-piece is rendered virtually useless as a result of that piece. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. WARNING: choking hazard - small parts. And in terms of scale, he was shown to be the same height as Rocksteady, but if anything NECA’s Rocksteady is a little taller than necessary. And I realize that they have to jump thru a lot of hoops because of Playmates. It’s most apparent when comparing his head to the rest of his body. There’s a bear trap that can open and close and also clips to his belt via that fragile hook. I didn't get a message from my credit card company until I was driving home asking "Did you just try and make this purchase?". I'm getting really tired of Target store hunts 3+ times a week and hope this indicates NECA is moving in a direction similar to Super 7 to just offer preorders online and bypass the retailers. It’s going to be a long future with these turtles so I hope there is some kind of guarantee for all releases....if so, I’M IN AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 7" Scale Action Figure - Cartoon Series 3 Leatherhead & Slash, undefined out of 5 stars with undefined reviews. I'm stoked to be able to get a second set of it all via pre-order. At this point I'll be content with a cartoon Splinter and Android Krang. I'm assuming April and Casey 2-packs will be the next two. He’s about the same height as Bebop, coming in at about 7 1/4″. ( Log Out /  It also recently opened another batch of pre-orders for the movie Casey and Raph pack as well as Super Shredder. I saw the April 2 pack last week on the necastore along with Super Shredder and the casey/ralph 2 pack. I’m fine with NECA reusing the limbs from the past figures, but I wish they had at least given him a wider shell. Since Leatherhead is a pretty massive chunk of plastic, his accessories are a bit sparse compared with Slash. Not for children under 3 yrs. Now , don't get me wrong, I really like that they are doing this direct order thing. Slash in the cartoon was pretty chunky compared to his fellow turtles while this figure is definitely quite lean and trim. If there is no guarantee for all releases then there could be a lot of problems. I believe he’s wearing hip-waiters for trudging through a swamp, which means his pants and boots are one, uniform, color.


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