We have collected several design options that can help with the over-bed wardrobe design. Some are upholstered in dramatic jewel toned velvet while others are simpler and more subtle. It’s time to break the tired rules of bedroom decoration and mix and match until you feel satisfied by the layered effect; contrast and juxtapose with dressers, headboards and side tables taken from completely different styles and confidently pair them together. Or a daybed frame that doubles up as a hangout area? The oversized bedding is comfortable and inviting but the light color palette keeps it from being heavy or cramped. Note how the bedroom featured here is extra-small in scale, but with a few textural updates, the room feel complete and fully realized without coming off as heavy handed. Properly selected design of the facade not only conceals all the contents from prying eyes but also can perfectly emphasize the exquisite style of the room. You can still have a dedicated vanity space even if you are limited on space. Beds raised off the floor aren’t just for kids any more – space creating designs, full of functionality, are just as beneficial in an adult’s room as well. Smart custom closet space and built-in headboard keep clutter to a minimum. An armoire with clean, smooth lines and sleek handles is much more in tune with popular bedroom styles 2019. And since each of our readers has their own vision of a wardrobe dream, we tried to collect here a variety of ideas: corner, built-in models and even small wardrobe rooms inside the bedroom. And do create a low-lying tablescape featuring products you not only use daily, but ones that are beautifully designed to boot. One of the best bedroom decor ideas to accomplish both is to add floor-to-ceiling drapes along the wall behind your bed, even if there is no actual window. You can blame that on the texture introduced via linens, two petite velvet ottomans, and a salvaged wood panel hung over the bed. The way to fit the built-in wardrobes of the compartment into the bedroom successfully is devoted to the series of photos presented below. Create multiple spaces within a small flat. Another retro-inspired return you probably didn’t see coming; the boudoir vanity is back on trend, making it the perfect addition to any design style, especially a Hollywood Regency bedroom. Not a single space is wasted in this purpose-built bed and storage loft. Our interior designers suggest channeling the heady velvet upholstery trend in a strong color, like forest green or peacock blue, when sourcing an ottoman. Sure, fully carpeted rooms have been out of favor for years, and hopefully they never come back in style, but that said, when it comes to comforting bedroom interior design ideas, the larger the rug, the more cozy and inviting the room will feel. Graphic shelves like the ones featured here pack a subtle yet powerful punch when decorated accordingly. Clothes and shoes constantly accumulate in the home, even when it seems that we have “absolutely nothing” to wear. This darling little bedroom gets the most out of minimal space with a raised bed for ample storage space beneath. People spend a huge amount of time in their bedrooms and often don’t even realize it. Skylights are instrumental in making small bedroom spaces work, especially under slanted roofs. The individuality of the wardrobe compartment for the bedroom entirely depends on its owners. Keep your floor space free with this clever wooden plank bedside shelf. That said, these savvy interior design trends and other top design ideas we’ve seen can work just as well in any other room in your home as they have universal appeal so you’ll be ahead of the curve. On the one hand, they are usually sold in ready-made form, and when moving to any place, they are easy to disassemble, transport and install in a new house. Rough-hewn plank bed base hides ample drawer space.


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