These include: There are also several types of doorless locker design including those that are cylindrically, sphere and cone shaped. Finally, the remainder can be split between three and four door lockers, or even smaller if required. Around 10% of the lockers should be single tier/door. Locks should have instructions available if required. In schools without lockers, students are sometimes provided with two complete sets of textbooks, one set being kept at school for use in class, and the other being kept at home for referring to for homework, thus limiting the amount of heavy carrying that would otherwise be required without having lockers to store them in between classes. Some lockers can feature charging options for mobile phones. Home » Standard Locker Sizes in Australia. Locker Sizes. Activecoat® is proven to reduce harmful bacteria on treated surfaces by 99.9%. Where there are large banks of lockers you should provide orientation assistance in the form of colour breaks, like seen in parking garages. Available in a variety of widths and depths, storage lockers can be purchased as single units or nested in groups of two or three. Suitable for a wide range of applications; our standard duty full height metal lockers are 1800mm in height and are amongst our most popular models. Coin-operated public luggage lockers can be present in bus stations and rail stations. There are other things that need to be assessed. lockers seem to have some currency, although this … Visit any of the Axis Bank branches near you to get your own Safe Deposit Locker. Most lockers are approximately 1800mm high with standard widths and depths ranging from 300mm to 450mm . [1] However, research has shown an increase in the incidence of back injuries in some students, which has been directly attributed to the lack of lockers for storing books in, thus forcing students to spend more time carrying heavy loads of books in backpacks. Single-layer wooden locker (single door size: height 200cm, width 50cm, depth 40cm) For fitness club gym lockers, normally design is two tiers ,the single door size: height from 700~1000mm, width from 350~400mm,depth from 400~530mm), and the total height is suggested to … The depth of a locker again depends on its application, but the most common sizes are approximately 300mm or 450mm or just under 1ft and 1.5ft respectively. Copyright 2020 Link 51 | All Rights Reserved | Company Reg: 4428828, All doors on our full size lockers have an all-round reinforcing edge, and are spot-welded at each corner to enhance strength and rigidity, A welded vertical channel section stiffens the door for protection against impact damage, Steel three-knuckle hinges are welded to the door and riveted to the frame to give added strength and allow for easy replacement of damaged doors, Complying with BS 4680, a close fit between the door and the frame of less than 2mm protects the full length locker against leverage in attempted forced entry, Colours are applied electro-statically as an epoxy-polyester powder coat, then baked to provide a high quality, durable finish, All of our full height lockers feature in-frame locking through the door, with a hooked cam engaging into the frame, which significantly increases resistance to forced entry, Anti-theft shelf prevents access to compartments above and below an open door, A lock plate is fitted to all full size locker designs, The lock cover plate and handle, provides recesses to accept compartment numbering or identification, Various sizes and door configurations (a choice of between 1 and 6 doors and compartments per locker), ActiveCoat® anti-microbial protection as standard, to help prevent and restrict the spread of harmful bacteria on contact surfaces by 99.9%, Mobile Shelving Inspections and Maintenance. This article addresses the standard locker sizes for Australia, because providing lockers ill-suited to the environment or not enough to service the number of patrons will eventually lead to customer dissatisfaction. Security concerns are cited as the reason for this, with the concern being that lockers may be used to store contraband items such as weapons or drugs or pornographic material. The versatility of our standard duty full height lockers, means they are the locker of choice for a wide range of sectors; including healthcare, emergency services, education, retail, manufacturing, food and drink, manufacturing and gyms, amongst others. Lockers are often manufactured by the same companies who produce filing cabinets, stationery cabinets (occasionally wrongly referred to as lockers, steel shelving, and other products made from sheet steel. It’s a given that including lockers in you gym, pool or sports club is essential. An article by about standard locker sizes in the UK was the inspiration for this Buying Guide. The clothes and material that will be hanged need to be evaluated before the locker room is built. The middle school locker dimensions are … Some students oppose the abolition of lockers, arguing that their locker is one of the few private spaces they have in an environment which is otherwise communal and impersonal. The standard depth of a locker is usually 450mm which is enough to hang normal clothing. The dimensions of individual compartments will … Users may rent a locker for a single use or for a period of time for repeated use. The total height of a standard locker is usually 1800mm, however this height is increased with the addition of stands or stands with seating, to approximately 2250mm.


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