(By the way, we had to use paskha containers as we don’t have our own containers ready yet). why I love and hate keto in the same time, few slices of gouda cheese (skip for no diary version). Cover the meat with some cling film or sandwich bag to avoid messy splatters. Find good quality pork. Recipe for this meal comes from old recipe book that I found on my bookshelf. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Low-carb, Keto and Paleo apps, recipes, free guides & tools, and diet plans to help you achieve your goals on the ketogenic diet. And never succeeded so far — except now, with my mayonnaise-based topping. Those boxes just keep coming on a belt, and Super Mario and his brother have to be really fast to collect all the boxes, not dropping a single one. So, I urgently had to fix this major slip. She is passionate about recipe development, food photography and styling. Another sigh. Pepper, Worcestershire sauce, Milk. Forget the complex recipes with dozens of ingredients; meet the true art of easiness and simplicity! The pork chops should stay succulent and juicy, and overbaking makes them dry and tough. Thinly slice your onions and cook them over med-high heat until they are caramelised. We were really satisfied with the consistency, considering that the whole process was about to be a failure. We had asked the company to heat 1,000 liters (264.2 gallons) of heavy cream for 12 hours, and to cool it to the fridge temperature after that. The Ultimate Weight Loss Kick-Start 7-Day Keto-Paleo Meal Plan. Half of the carrots first, than 4 pork chops, half of onions, half of gouda cheese (skip for #nodairy), spread it with generous amount of mayo and sprinkle with oregano. They were doing some adjustments while processing — that changed the result dramatically from liquid to thick mousse and back again to liquid. Add the cream and stir through. You are right, it was missing. They are more tender and contain more fat than regular pork chops. For that, we filled the car of our CEO with the product and then headed for the shopping mall to let people taste our product for the first time. The original mix contained sugar, so the company helpfully prepared a batch without sugar for us. https://www.lowcarbsosimple.com/pork-chops-with-mustardy-mayo-topping/, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure, 4 pork chops (in total about 1 1/2 lbs = 680 g), 2/3 cup = 160 ml preferably homemade mayonnaise. Pat the pork chops dry and the season with salt and pepper on both sides. Naturally, for the keto version, I couldn’t use fruits, so I decided to add stevia instead. Please note that we do not offer personalised advice. Bake around 40 minutes in 170ºC with the fan (without fan 200ºC), check first if the meat is nice and tender. REALLY DELICIOUS. Luckily, our team is fantastic, and I really love to work with the members. Sprinkle capers on top if you like (highly recommended!). Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Why not combine Parmesan and pork rinds and hit two birds with one stone? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Finish with mushrooms cut in halfs. Spread the mayo mixture evenly on the pork chops. The recipe calls for garlic but this isn’t in the ingredient list. Mustard perfectly accompanies pork chops, giving piquant flavor to this practically zero-carb meal. (Or like we Finns say: “Kill two flies with one hit”; I wonder that these idioms have to sound so cruel…). Hi! So, we mixed a carefully-calculated amount of stevia with the berry mixture. An accomplished home cook who was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease eight years ago, Naomi started to explore the connection between healthy, whole food and her symptoms, and a new love was born. For the mustard, you can use any type of mustard that doesn’t have any added sugar (or any other carby ingredient) and preferably no preservatives or food additives either. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of that…. For the topping, I used 2 eggs, 1 cup (240 ml) freshly-grated Parmesan, 1 teaspoon dry mustard (mustard powder), and 1 teaspoon onion powder. No worries, I’ve got you covered; see the variations at the end of the post (before my extensive narrative about our product development trip to Eastern Finland).​. And to have something to cook, we naturally had to do some grocery shopping first (photo by Olli Posti): When cooking, we had a clear division of labor between the three of us. Our CEO, Olli K., was preparing the main course (organic ground beef, onion, and zucchini seasoned with flavorful salt that contains juniper berries): I was responsible for the salad (a Waldorf salad inspired combo of celery, kohlrabi, sour cream, mustard, herby salt and could be that I added something else as well but now cannot remember): And our influencer, Olli P., was taking care of the social media: After a long day, we were hungry and ate with great pleasure. Melt the butter in the skillet. That was many years ago, and since then, I’ve been planning to make pork chops with mustard and capers. https://www.justapinch.com/.../pork/kimis-mayonnaise-pork-chops.html Even this wasn’t the final product but just the first test batch, we were surprised about the positive feedback. Again, after baking the topped pork chops, the result was soggy. Keep your fingers crossed that things will proceed smoothly this time! How delicious are pork chops with a thick, rich, creamy sauce? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Don’t like mayo? For any diet related questions, please. Personally I like thinner ones, I’m not a big fan of pork chops, but I feel like thinner tastes better. ( Log Out /  Egg is a great binding agent. They would balance out the sweet flavor — plus they look stunning and lend some tang as well. Serve garnished with thyme sprigs. And in step 5 it says top with extra mozzarella cheese. Again if you cannot use dairy products skip the cheese (oh, I miss the cheese badly). Hi! I really felt myself like Super Mario packing things as fast as I could! ( Log Out /  There was a little bit of whey that we poured away — though spared a bit to ourselves for further R&D…. Do you like this recipe? Share it with your friends! One of the good things about keto, is that it forces you to be creative in the kitchen. Onions, Beef Broth, Sour Cream. From crushed tomatoes to tahini and maple flavor, I figured out lots of ingredients that I thought would suit with pork. Half of the carrots first, than 4 pork chops, half of onions, half of gouda cheese (skip for #nodairy), spread it with generous amount of mayo and sprinkle with oregano. This is an industrial version of an immersion blender: We added the raspberry-rhubarb-lingonberry mixture to the tank with the cream. Boy, were we disappointed, when the result was as liquid as it was before putting through the whipping machine! On the other hand, I had plenty of different ideas for the topping and how to season it. And just when we were rejoicing about the thick mousse, it turned into liquid again. By the way, here’s the product: a fluffy, airy mousse that contains about 30 % fat — and only a few natural ingredients. This time, however, I wanted to get some fresh ideas on how to prepare the pork chops so that they are really juicy and flavorful as the flavor of the pure pork meat is — let’s face it — quite bland. The Parmesan wasn’t crispy like I had hoped. We buy at our local butcher. We’ve never done the product — creamy keto berry mousse — on a large scale, so it was super-interesting to see how you prepare food industrially — thousands of liters mousse instead of just one liter that we prepared in our homemade tests. If you use cheese for this recipe, put some on top.


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