compare to other sponges it's really good one. Along with this, I would have to tell you that my foundation just wasn’t blending correctly. US. Medium, but I would say more firm than most, Extremely durable! FL, Paris, Calgary , Something I could definitely use applying my foundations. You can use it wet or dry. CA, Hi tartelette....thank you for asking this question...yes, this sponge does expand when you wet it and it gets super soft and squishy...i use it everyday! Pasco , It expands to a reasonable size for blending out foundation . It’s better, I like the flat surface and I feel it performs even better because it allows me to cover more area but also conforms to my smaller areas like around my nose and eye area. i wanted to try a new beauty sponge and it applies so well and i absolutely love it ! Using baby shampoo works really well to clean the sponge and that is something I always do! It's bigger than I thought. US. I clean it regularly. NY, Hey tartelette! The color is beautiful . I've tried many different brands of beauty sponges, and this one is, by far, the best I've tried! I clean mine before each use, but I have acne prone skin so others may have different washing habits than I. I clean mine once a week if I’m wearing makeup a lot or as needed if I’m not, I replace mine twice a year. I bought it in France. I wash my sponge with lukewarm water after wach use, I use dawn dish soap. It feels like a pillow on my skin! but I find it does the trick. The sponge is very durable. Medium, but I would say more firm than most, Extremely durable! EXCLU TARTE Shape tape pore & prime balm Base teint crémeuse. Casablanca , Seamlessly blends face tape™ foundation for a longwearing luminous finish. It’s very soft and it bounces nicely. Bit overpriced, but good. EXCLU TARTE Setting superpower … TX, The fact that it’s longer then most sponges (BB, Morphe, etc) makes it more user friendly and was a nice surprise. the shaper sponge the shaper sponge $18 Product Review: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars 30% OFF* code: CYBER. I’ve been using a brush and don’t have a sponge for applying foundation. I love the dark/ light purple combo the sponge has... don't ask me why lol...I just do. If you need a new mascara, add this one to your tarte Custom Kit, you won't be disappointed. It applies makeup to perfection and gets into the difficult areas with ease. TX, Hi there! i wanted to try a new beauty sponge and it applies so well and i absolutely love it ! FL, Kingwood, Out of the two new foundation formulas, I would also just like to tell you that the Hydrating formula DEFINITELY stood out to me the most, as whilst I do like the ever-so-popular Shape Tape Concealer, which is also by Tarte, I can’t say that it overwhelms me with amazement, like it does for so many of you I’m sure. In my opinion, it far surpasses BB. My sponge doesn’t seem to lose shape though. CA, Yes If you rinse the shaper sponge under warm water then squeeze out the excess water so it's left damp it will apply the concealer smoothly and won't sit in the fine lines. Expands to a great size that makes any makeup application super easy, the beveled edge really helps when you need precision or for using with loose powder (which are the two main reasons why I bought it). It was soft and did an amazing job of applying concealer, primer and foundation. can I wash this in Johnson's baby shampoo? Bowmanville, US. US, Novosibirsk, Works amazing damp or dry! It works amazingly!!! I recently got the Hydrating Shape Tape Foundation. The bb does not. Yes, I mean those! I use warm water and blendercleanser or natural liquid hand soap. CA, Great product, best beauty sponge I had so far. US, this product was really nice and i love the color but it gets pretty dirty after a while, Chicago, Cleveland, I must tell you that it felt and sounded rather strange in my opinion. I just use soap, water, and the taste cleansing cutie mat. And rightfully so! On Oct. 28 (today! Since powdering, I can tell you that the appearance of my skin was not only incredibly matte in texture and finish BUT also extremely dull and dry in appearance. but I find it does the trick. Although the BeautyBlender has encouraged me to apply this foundation with a little more confidence, I can’t say that this foundation still really ticks all of those metaphorical boxes for me personally. Baltimore, How does it compare to the original beauty blender? I think you deserve to buy the things you want at a price you can afford. It is a bit more durable and also has more of the flat edge. So far holding up well. I must tell you that it felt and sounded rather strange in my opinion. 37,00€ AJOUTER AU PANIER. US, I love this sponge more than Any other I’ve used, Richmond , US. Credit: Tarte. Absolutely my favorite blender, great for harsh lines for cheeks and getting under eyes.


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