A collection of four salami representing a variety of styles from across Europe. Typically served with lentils as a celebratory dish at New Year's, Cotechino is now enjoyed year round in Italy and by fans of Italian cuisine around the world. Prepared according to old recipe, this Roasted Cooked Ham is hand-tied, cooked and roasted, thereby obtaining a product with a characteristic ‘artisan taste’. Sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know about coupons and special promotions. For those who truly appreciate the glory of grilling. Parmacotto is an Italian producer of fine meats based in the Parma area of Italy. Today, the name Sopressata is simply be applied to any coarse grind, moderately spiced Salami. Terms of Service | Wholesale. All-natural with citrus and a hint of heat. If you have a penchant for all things spicy, you’ll enjoy exploring these fine Spanish style Chorizos. We also love it chunked or sliced as a snack. Like many made-in-Italy products, the exact mixture of ingredients depends on the region where it is made. Perfectly-sliced cooked ham that's ready for any snacking situation. No dairy additives! Check our ingredients! It is a variation on salami that supposedly owes its origins to a thief at a fair near the … Other salami flavors include Volpi Milano Salami, Chianti Wine, and Genova Genoa. For instance, peperoni is actually a type of salami with the addition of spices such as paprika. After mixing the ingredients together, the raw meat mixture is then left to ferment in a ventilated room for a period of time. These elements make a new texture and a delicate taste, giving a unique flavor. 4oz Easy-Open Pre-Slice, Tuscan Salami is dry cured made with cuts of lean meat characterized by fennel and garlic. Veroni Salumi. THE DAILY MEAL ® IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF TRIBUNE PUBLISHING. In addition to the Salami defined by regional heritage, some other popular variations of Salami include Casalingo (Salami of the House), Sopressata (Pressed and Flattened Salami), Piccante (Spicy Salami), and Cacciatore (Hunter's Salami). While every variety of salami has a distinct flavor profile, in general, one could describe it as salty, fatty, sharp, savory, and meaty. Peppers / Chili (Hot) Peppers / Roasted Peppers, Nduja Spreadable Spicy Salami 2 Pack, 6 oz Each (Refrigerate after Opening), Parmacotto Genoa Salami with Salt and Pepper, 8 oz, Parmacotto Milano Salami with Garlic and Pepper, 8 oz, Olli Gluten & Milk Free Sliced Hard Salami, 4 oz (Refrigerate after opening), Olli Italian Dry Salami, 6 oz (Refrigerate after opening), Volpi Felino Salami - 2 lbs (Refrigerate after opening), Olli Sliced Genoa Salame Snacks - 1.5 oz (Refrigerate after opening), Parmacotto Toscano Salami with Fennel Seeds, 8 oz, Olli Hard Smoked Salami, 6 oz (Refrigerate after opening), Olli Sliced Sopressata Snacks - 1.5 oz (Refrigerate after opening), Olli Sliced Pepperoni Snacks - 1.5 oz (Refrigerate after opening), Olli Sliced Calabrese Salame Snacks - 1.5 oz (Refrigerate after opening). Gluten Free! The quality of prosciutto is based on the curing process, region and strict quality controls that go into the production. This Italian favorite may be made from a one or more of a variety of meats (pork, boar, beef, venison, etc.) Guanciale: Although not an Italian Meat that belongs on the classic antipasto platter, Guanciale excels as a cooking ingredient. Prosciutto di Parma is a specific type of Prosciutto from Parma. Carpegna Prosciutto D.O.P. Spianata Romana (Rome) is produced with premium quality lean pork, seasoned and then pressed to give its unique flat shape. Imported from Italy it's made with pork that is ground to the size of grains of rice. Soppressata is an Italian dry cured salami that is handmade and then lightly smoked, creating an intense fragrance and deep red color. This most elusive of all Italian Meats is then cured for up to 12 months in specially designated aging buildings near the Po River where the river mist stimulates molds on the walls and ceiling, imparting the meat with a flavor that simply cannot be duplicated. The dry curing replaces the need for any cooking. This traditional Italian Meat has a good amount of flavorful fat with striations of meat running throughout. It is then placed inside casings that may be made of cellulose or animal intestines. Giving an intense taste. Seven specialty salami varieties offer unique tastes in the Italian tradition: Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. "The animals here are too good. 16oz Easy-Open Pre-Slice. Historically, Sopressata was only produced in the fall when the family's hog was scheduled to be butchered. But for the past 40 years or so, much of it has been ineligible for import into the United States because of fears of a dangerous ailment called swine vesicular disease. The “Porchetta” is an ideal main course. Vermont Products; Olives, spices,condiments; Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers; Gluten Free; Pasta & Sauces; Imported from Italy. The New York Times today reported that "Inspection Services did not specify what standards would now have to be met by Italian producers, nor the expense of meeting them," but assumed that the relaxed laws would "change a way of life for many delicacy-loving tourists and Italian-Americans, who have smuggled in Italian salamis for private consumption, and sometimes for sale.". Perfectly pink, incredibly tender, all natural ham. Because of its flattened texture, it makes an ideal topping for gourmet sandwiches. It’s still not clear exactly what that certification will be, or if this means that all the little artisanal producers will now be able to export to the States or if they’ll still need USDA approval, but two things are certain: more Italian meat is headed for the U.S., and it’s not allowed in your suitcase. Choose from spreadable spicy salami or gourmet varieties like Rose Wine, Pino Grigio, and Felino by Volpi. Prosciutto Hams Special Select. In many cases, it is inoculated with natural bacteria and spores to speed up the curing process. Prosciutto: Also known as Parma Ham, Prosciutto (technically Prosciutto Crudo) is a specialty dry cured (uncooked) ham that undergoes an intensive curing process. An Italian favorite, salami is a type of cured, dried sausage that originated in Europe, and is made from a variety of different types of meat. "Actually, it probably won’t have too much of a negative effect," he added. Salami, or cured meats in general, was created in order to prolong the shelf life of raw meat before refrigeration was invented. Each region has its own distinct version of soppressata, which is a type of salami made of pork and includes many leftover parts of the pig, such as the head. Salumeria. It is usually a flattened shape (its name incororates the Latin root for pressing), and can be any length from 8 inches to several feet long. Meat selection of the best pork legs, corning with spices and flavors. Pork leg, salt, a few flavors and a cooking method excluding all ingredients that are not simply “ham”: these elements make Parmacotto the excellence of the cooked ham. Cubed up and fried until crispy, Guanciale is most often encountered in the classic dish, Pasta all'Amatriciana. Ditalia has curated gourmet Italian gifts since 1997. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS) decreed that pigs in the regions of Lombardia, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto, and Piemonte, as well as the provinces of Trento and Bolzano, are free of the disease, and starting May 28 both fresh and cured pork from those regions will now be cleared for import. Whether you’re looking for the perfect appetizer to delight your guests, a gift to please your favorite food lover or delectable cured meats to keep on hand at home, we will deliver. Olympia Provisions Spanish Sampler. Whether you need pepperoni, salami or black label prosciutto, Di Bruno gourmet meats online are the highest quality gourmet meats, smoked meat and cured meat. Italian Salami in the USA: The importation of pork products, specifically Italian Salami, in the USA was not allowed by the Food and Drug Administration. 4oz Easy-Open Pre-Slice The quality of the salami is directly related to the ingredients as well as the skills and techniques of the producers. Italy Imported Salami. Italy has been the worldwide pioneer in the techniques of curing meats since ancient Roman times. Parmacotto Porchetta is a high quality products, ideal as a main course thanks to its distinct and intense taste, enriched with the best spices and flavorings. A local product that is part of our history. No dairy additives. In addition to raw meat, other ingredients are added, which typically include garlic, salt, spices, herbs, wine, and vinegar. No Binders! No hormones or antibiotics are used. 4oz Easy-Open Pre-Slice, Famous Calabrese salami characterized by fiery peppers and then pressed to give its unique, trademark flat shape.


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