In fact, I would argue that short of a knife, this is the most important tool in the kitchen. The length of the liquid column is longer or shorter depending on the temperature. … Critical to any cook's arsenal of tools is a good, reliable, accurate instant read thermometer. Bacteria grow slowly at low temperatures and multiply rapidly at mid-range temperatures. We do this by using materials that change in some way whenever they are heated or cooled. Unlike the medical or clinical thermometer which is used solely to measure human body temperature, a laboratory thermometer has different uses.. A laboratory thermometer is used to measure the boiling point and freezing point during science experiments. Why is it important to use a cooking thermometer? it is important to know the temperature of a certain individual,specific thing and at the same time the temperature of the environment. One of the critical factors in fighting food-borne illness is temperature. Modern day thermometers use temperature … A thermometer has two important elements such as a temperature sensor in which some physical change occurs with temperature… A thermometer is a device that measures temperature or a temperature gradient. It measures temperature … To measure temperature, we use thermometers. To be safe, a product must be cooked to an internal temperature high enough to destroy harmful bacteria. Using a meat thermometer … It is also used to measure the temperature of substances.


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