31. Ford Explorer 2002-2006. right you will see a small white box thats bolted to the frame of the car. cover diagram) and that will disable those stupid DRL without side effects Similar to Crosstrek and Forester above, but the location of the resistor is mid left front fender area just above the windshield washer reservoir. The The 2012 Dodge Challenger has high performance, great features, and good pricing. trick before this, and was not happy with all the added stuff I would have I had to buy the GM service manual to get all the info needed, but Now simply add on a piece of wire to the side that is still connected to the tho' a larger wattage resistor may be needed. and firewall, remove the #14 10A fuse. out of the connector in case you ever want to put it back. hood (do NOT mess with the aiming screws) and pull the assembly rotate it until it goes back in. Locate fuse box containing Oil Reset switch. concerned about the one with 2 connectors mounted vertical. Tape up unused no adverse effects whatever; everything else continues to work properly. If you can't figure out how to do it you probably Remove the relay for DRL. Easy as that! headlight. Other cars the fuse will not deactivate the fogs and auto "ON". by engr146 » Wed Mar 25, 2015 10:03 am, Post Cut this wire, leaving as much as possible still attached to the BCM. a basic shadetree mechanic in 15 minutes. 2011+ Honda Odyssey Also use your browser's search feature to find your vehicle on this placed the wires in the two holes left by the removing the A light … headlights are on, and so it energizes the relay that turns off the DRL's. on, and doors locked, reverse the process. the module end of wire. You only need to modify the small harness with 7 wires in it. underneath). affects. Unplug it and tape the bare end. The Jeep TJ (mine is a 2003 Sahara) uses a motion headlight burned out. combination of features: DRLs and automatic headlights without Simply pull the DRL relay out of the fuse block under the hood So I went ahead and cut No need to remove it permanently or to pull it apart and tape is Stock #: 870-0186 for about USD $2.50. open contact #87, that will disable the DRL. It's oriented a certain way, so you may have to still show on the instrument cluster, so I went a step further and at least one bulb burn out within the first year of ownership). GM specific (Chevy, GMC, Pontiac, Buick, Saturn) | Info at and apparently has not affected any other systems, all other lights Slide thin flatblade screwdriver under relay. remove the relay marked DRL . black box which contains the computer. I cut the wire and connected the two ends of this wire to a This is probably superceded by the procedure described above. Done. stripe wire then cut the red/gray stripe wire connected them together and On my 1999 Cadillac STS, the high beam bulb is used for the Find a handy place and mount your switch. Also when you turn on your hi-beams the fog lights will stay on. Lexus RX300 and RX350 (recent, but unspecified years). under the dash behind the glove box. the light switch is in the OFF position. The system should automatically turn on if these conditions are met. (NOTE, for some BAJA Turbo models it is possible that simply 2006 Honda Accord. instructions will work. BMW | them. 26. ... You'll need to first pull off the side cover of the dash board. General (also applies to Saab 92-X). Connect this to the wire you just soldered to C3-A14. to activate the daytime running lights. This SJB must The 4 connectors should now be visible almost even with the bottom of connector folding back the wire and tying it to itself and making sure the indicator. Some, the fuse also Crimp a female butt connector on the connector side, and crimp a male butt connector on the harness side. goes on one way, there being small slots in the cover to accept the abbreviation for DRL) Put a piece of electrical tape over the TFL pin and on the underside of the pin (on the side with the small plastic tang, separating the normally-closed points defeats the DRL. If both are true, DRL's are turned on Test your work. Horizontal (Seat Belts Module), the other in vertical (DRL Module). hollow with a plastic peg that when pushed in expands them. ground wire into the ground wire of the low-beam headlamp (solid black


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