Telecommunication businesses can capitalize on the increase in volume and value of secondhand smartphones. Some of these goals are more realistic than others, but they all fall under the umbrella of telecommunications. If there is anyone who can assist me on how i can about it or to join me you can email me. Subodh, I am Duncan from Kenya, am in my final year electrical and communication engineering and want to start a telecommunication related business. Hello! Keep in mind that the mission statement will reflect the purpose of your business. To start a telecommunication business in Nigeria is a good thing but it is capital intensive and involves some critical steps. Potential customers for this business include corporate … The second one is the huge cost of building the network. I took a telecommunications class and it really interested me and would love to start a business in that field in my area. This document will explore why, where, and how you might start a cell phone company. In this way you can give more time in running the business until such time that it is ready for expansion. Some companies do this. There are many different ways an entrepreneur can be successful in this space, such as operating a smartphone repair shop and providing call center staff. Blogging. This part can be tricky. In return, they will get a share in the company or special perks once you're up and running. i am very passionate to start my own telecommunication network service provider. You also have to think of how … How can I start my Own call center. Next, television arrived. which process have to be follow...!! Step 1: Do Your Research In your survey, you determine how much capital you have to invest in the business. Financial Projections: What are you projecting in terms of profits for the first five years? Use crowd sourcing. Or maybe your goal is a tech security firm? Thanks, Balaji! People send and receive millions of text messages on a daily basis. For more entrepreneurial tips, check out the home page of this site. Providing online marketing for other businesses is another way to successfully operate a business within the telecommunication realm. It is ideal to start the business with only one focus. I would like to bring back the nextel/IDEN network not only for phone use but also for the 2 way. This is because communication is very important to our lives not only for keeping in touch but also keeping us updated for everything. Because the telecommunications industry is regulated by a federal agency, you'll need a federal license or permit in order to legally operate your company. But if you have a good idea and you've secured funding and all of the necessary permits and regulations, it's time to get started on opening your business. How best can you advice on areas of investment. Will you operate as an LLC, a corporation, or something else entirely?, i have passion in this telecommunication business and i want to start my own company or if anyone looking for a partnership email me on or contact on 072 949 3278 m in SA pretoria. I want to start Telecommunication business though I dont have the technical skills in the industry. @marvin you can email me n we take it from there or anyone actually. The way you decide to fund yours will depend largely on your means and how much money you need to get started. Even if you do not have a large starting capital, you can start a profitable business in this area, which will pay off quickly. @rachna sharma  i work for one of the fast growing networks in telecommunications and im looking to go into business for myself but i need a partner who has just as much passion. anybody from uganda interested in mobile network start business or telecommunication company start business in box me or call me at +256705754347, Hi everyone, I am from Namibia and would like to partner up with any interested individuals to establish a telecoms network, you may contact me at +264816450474, Hi am Jones I will like to partner with any one with good telecom knowledge in Nigeria capital is not the issue contact me on, can you help me start a telecommunication business. My e mail is: and my phone is: +509 3665 6060. In starting a telecom business, several things are needed to be considered first in order for your business to be successful. Hello, I am working in an International B.P.O and I am full of experience, and now I want to start my own International call center, so can you tell me all the process that how to start it and how to promote it and get the effective results? Get the Bplans newsletter: Expert business tips and advice delivered weekly. We could supply in high volume with effective security measure. That is why starting a telecommunication business is very in demand. You can seek assistance from other investors who want to invest their money in telecommunication business. Bulk SMS business. There are some regulatory and legal steps you'll need to take care of as soon as you can. If anyone interested to procure mobile prepaid recharge cards, please approach me. It's much less of a distraction and you would still be able to add 4g on a tablet or whatever else otherwise. We offer partnership to interested individuals or companies. Business Description: What exactly will your business do and how will it operate? I am very motivated in starting my own business in this field from design to sells. The good thing about running a telecommunication business is that you can be the boss of your own business and the success of your business lies in your hand. You can choose on selling cell phones, home phone services and home security. Start your own business plan. to start a telecom company first we need the license C7, Am from Uganda 23 yrs old I have no Idea but am willing and planning to start up mobile network any any who can I tell me more or even teach me about it am willing thank you. First, you must decide what type of telecommunications services you want to provide, then you can take steps to start your business. This is the fastest growing industry with a … Are you interested in opening up a cellular phone company? I am in Botswana and you seem like a guy i can do business with. In this way you can give more time in running the business until such time that it is ready for expansion. Our everyday living mostly depends on the technology. Find venture capital funding. Start your own telecommunications business plan. my shop is in front of a school but i cannot earn good profit which things i do for more profit i have lot of space please guide me i am from india u.p.


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