50-megapixel CMOS sensor (sensor dimensions: 43.8 x 32.9 mm; pixel size: 5.3 × 5.3 μm). Compatibility Phocus is supported on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1 Capture of micro-step images is not supported. Phocus. RAW-Aufnahmen oder JPEG-Aufnahmen lassen sich in der lokalen Gerätegalerie bewerten, sortieren und bevorzugte Aufnahmen katalogisieren. Combining the CFV II 50C digital back and 907X camera body, Hasselblad’s photographic history is connected, bringing the X, H, and V Systems together in a portable, sleek package. Plug for external DC power. The free RAW image editor for all Hasselblad digital cameras, introduced in 2008, already has a host of excellent features, including Hasselblad’s Natural Colour Solution tool for optimizing color, digital lens correction for controlling aberrations, distortion and light falloff, a Keystone Perspective Correction tool and local adjustment of highlight recovery. g��ˍ�9���"ĈTH>�B��3,r�G�g������Pw�*���۬������(5�� �~�ޘ|�ž�������W�5ڻ��ce�B��D����zA!�X��X�#��'r There are various ways to support Photoxels. The ultimate, portable digital medium format camera for landscape, street, and travel packed in a footprint smaller than most full frame 35mm cameras. By signing up for our newsletter,you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. The highly professional H System, with its latest line up of the H6D-50c, H6D-100c and H6D-400c Multi-Shot, offers the ultimate image quality and resolution with 50, 100 and 400-megapixel solutions. �|8`�|�[�����?2�v\~^�;Ko+��"�^JӖL����0`��s���q����{5e�� Note that this tool is also available in adjustment layers. 3F files generated by Phocus are not backward compatible with FlexColor! Wenn Sie sich für unseren Newsletter anmelden, stimmen Sie unseren Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen und Datenschutzbestimmungen zu. Mit der App können Anwender RAW-Aufnahmen importieren und bearbeiten, oder JPEG-Aufnahmen mit voller Qualität übertragen und direkt bewerten. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The more portable X System easily enables bringing medium format photography outside of the studio with options that include the world’s first compact mirrorless digital medium format camera – the X1D-50c – followed by the second generation X1D II 50C. Erfahren Sie mehr über Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution ⟶, Erfahren Sie mehr über Phocus für Mac und Windows  ⟶, Richtlinien zur Verwendung von Cookies einverstanden. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Hasselblad is a global brand with offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Shenzhen with distributors located throughout the world. Tethered operation will work with the same range of cameras except for the first generation Ixpress series. Whenever you click on an ad or make a purchase from an Amazon, B&H, Adorama or other link, it does not cost you a cent more, but I earn a small commission or referral fee. Rechargeable Li-ion battery (7.2 VDC/3400 mAh). Melden Sie sich für den Hasselblad-Newsletter an, um die neuesten Produktinformationen und inspirierenden Geschichten von den besten Fotografen der Welt zu erhalten. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Image files from all Hasselblad FireWire based digital camera products are supported. Compatible with the X1D II 50C, 907X Special Edition and 907X 50C cameras via either USB-C or Wi-Fi, this application is currently supported on iPad Pro and iPad Air (2019) models and iPhone*, enabling the traveling or studio photographer to have a quicker, more seamless workflow. Bՠ��.u�9���{�~4[��mC�5���Y�Ծ־f�s��쩰)%f���wj J\��螃|��`.���#�ŋ�QǸiGe�4$)�l�D%N�$�j�������w�b��SL���i��꽫��ɪ�.���,� �Ǐj�w*��#��V��ev�d!DC)�N(��,T^ϣ_����#g)��$)6["��:���'a�:y�j��mНA�;�6� The H2 camera was discontinued in October 2007. Hasselblad Releases Firmware Update 1.3.0 for X1D II 50C and 907X Special... Hasselblad Publishes Firmware Update 1.2.0 for X1D II 50C, 907X Special... Hasselblad: X1D II 50C Mirrorless Medium Format Digital Camera (50MP CMOS... Hasselblad Phocus 3.4 Software Update (2018-12-06) for Users of Medium... Hasselblad XCD Lens Lineup for X1D-50c Mirrorless Medium Format Camera... Hasselblad XV Lens Adapter Provides Compatibility for the X1D-50c... Hasselblad X1D and H6D Cameras’ Firmware Update Version 1.21 (2018... HASSELBLAD XCD Lens Roadmap 2018 (Updated), for the Hasselblad X1D Medium... Hasselblad’s New York Studio in Manhattan, New York City: Visits are by... Hasselblad XPan Lens Adapter for Photographers to Use Their XPan Lenses on... Hasselblad Firmware Update 1.20 (2017-12-19 ) for X1D and H6D Cameras: New... ‘Rent a Hasselblad’ is a New Global Online Service: Experience... Hasselblad XCD Lens Roadmap for the X1D is Updated with the New XCD 135mm... Hasselblad X1D-50c Update Firmware 1.19 (Oct 24, 2017): New Function and... Hasselblad ‘H6D-100c Digital Back’ for Photographers Using... Hasselblad Phocus 3.3 Software Update (2017-09-26) for All Hasselblad... You’re Invited: Hasselblad Showcase-Sept. 14 in New York, NY, USA;... Hasselblad X1D Field Kit Includes the X1D-50c Camera and Three XCD Lenses... Hasselblad X1D-50c Firmware Update 1.17.2 (2017-08-29): Maximizing your... Hasselblad X1D-50c Mirrorless Camera Won the Prestigious TIPA Awards 2017... New Lenses for Hasselblad X1D Mirrorless Digital Medium Format Camera in... Paul Bram Steps Up As Interim CEO of Hasselblad, Replacing Perry Oosting. The new version 3 Exposure Tool adds enhanced algorithms for handling tonal adjustments to contrast and brightness. Supported products Image files from all Hasselblad FireWire based digital camera products are supported. Phocus 3.5 brings even greater enhanced performance to the system with the new Defringe Tool for purple or green fringe removal in high contrast transitions, improved contrast and brightness adjustments, the addition of Luma Mode to the Curves Tool for better control of luminosity, as well as upgraded processing performance. The history and future of Hasselblad’s legacy combined in a small package that celebrates the original V System and offers a unique photographic experience. Scanner 3F files are not supported. In addition to the improved performance of Phocus 3.3, that seamlessly works with all Hasselblad cameras, the update also includes integrated control of broncolor flash equipment, which are certain to be welcomed by Hasselblad users. �ۘ=���B݄f�8���:�F�\DzޣU()�B�^4�$ot�Yƨ%S�J���8K�.�X�]�����E��t��������o���Îz �DN��y�t5%K]Õ�ӱ.M1���F��y����b�:+9�і���]~�Ww��z��y7��v��A�������5�O�L�ަُ��~�Az�W밵��#�X$��aU��vP�������m�l����JR��?c3�iy�'w��#�/�xRj�˂I��-׺�


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