Farm yard manure should be applied in tree basins during May, only once in a year. Whereas, the spring flowering gives yield from June to September and known as Ambe-bahar. Muriate of potash can be omitted in September. It also originated in Allahabad area. Content Guidelines 2. Content Filtrations 6. Other Names: Jamfal, Amrud, Koyya Palam, Jam, Jaam. But it is also being planted as a filler in litchi and mango orchards, thus number of plants shall vary according to the planting distance of the main fruit crop. Grows upto 7-8 metre high. Allahabad area in U.P is reputed for the production of high quality of guava in India and the world. A guava that isn’t getting enough sun may also refuse to bloom. For this purpose, spray Gramoxone 6ml/litre of water during March, July and September. Guava seeds will germinate as soon as two weeks after planting, but they may take as long as eight weeks. It contains about 180-300 mg of vit. You can then plant it, along with sphagnum moss, in a separate pot or garden soil after removing the sheet.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'indiagardening_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_2',111,'0','0'])); In bud patch grafting, the bud eye portion (3 cm) from a prolific and mature guava plant is cut using a sharp knife. The tree grows up to 15-20 feet tall and produces pale green skin fruits with off white to reddish flesh. The rainy season crop is usually heavy but get infected by fruit fly. In north India, flowering occurs twice in a year i.e. Guavas need fertile soil and extra feeding to flower well and produce fruit. The fruit vary in size depending upon the fruit load on a tree. Mulching the soil around the bed of the plant, with organic matter or compost, helps in keeping the temperature even and prevents water loss. The tree is vigorous and spreading mature tree can have 7.0 metre of height. The tree grows upright with sparse foliage on the shoots. It can grow well in slightly alkaline and poor soils. Choose one of the shoots to develop into the plant. Filled the previously made pits with 25 kg of manure. The trees can also be grown from root cuttings. Air layering with the use of growth regulators has been reported to be the best method of guava propagation. The plants are headed back during July-August by keeping a stub of 5-8 cm above the ground. Leaves are usually larger in size than other cultivars. In Punjab it occupies an area of 8022 hectares with annual production of 160463 MT. Nied] and mountain guava (Psidium montanum Sw). Negligible flower drop has been observed. Seedlings are fast growing, and they can be set out in the field after one or two years. Description: The slightly fragrant flowers have numerous white stamens and 4 or 5 white petals that are soon shed. Copyright 2020 India Gardening. Guava bears flowers solitary or in cymes of to 5 flowers in the axil of the leaf on the current growth. What Is the Difference Between a Yellow Delicious Apple & a Golden Delicious Apple? Hawaii Native Status: Introduced. Guava leaves occur in pairs and the flowers are borne at the base of the leaves on wood from the current year’s growth. How to Plant Palash Tree | Growing Flame of the Forest Tree, 12 of the Best Grape Varieties in India | Different Types of Grapes, Can You Eat Banana Leaves | Uses of Banana Leaves, How To Take Care of Succulent Plants | Succulent Care Tips, 12 Popular Christmas Houseplants in India, 10 Perfect Indoor Plants for Bathrooms in India, 11 Different Types of Crotons in India | Croton Plant Varieties.


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