[26] Doctor Light appears in Los Angeles and is found by the Crimson Men. For the American prelate, see, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, https://www.looper.com/166334/easter-eggs-you-missed-in-titans-season-2/, The Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Doctor_Light_(Arthur_Light)&oldid=985498498, Fictional characters who can manipulate light, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Doctor Light is a fairly minor villain in the, Doctor Light has a cameo appearance in the animated film, Doctor Light makes a brief cameo appearance in the opening scene of, Doctor Light makes a silent cameo appearance in the, Doctor Light appears as a playable character in, This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 08:46. Batman and Batgirl appear to take him to prison, but reveal themselves to be Deathstroke and Ravager in disguise, and offer Light a place in the new Secret Society of Super Villains. He also has the ability to create holographic images. Doctor Light appears in Adventures in the DC Universe #1, Justice League Adventures #6, #13 and DC Comics Presents: Wonder Woman Adventures #1. As he is studying a communicator used by the Secret Society of Super Villains, he receives a "nasty call" and is engulfed in an explosion of light leaving his body glowing on the floor. He made his live-adaptation debut in the series in one episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, played by David Bowe. [4], During the 1980s Doctor Light was transitioned from a serious menace to a comedic villain, a transformation which culminated in the DC Comics Bonus Book appearing in The Flash #12 (May 1988). Doctor Light, freed of his ex-partner's hauntings, attempts to rejoin the Suicide Squad, but his appeal is summarily rejected by Amanda Waller. While he was escaping, Light saw that one guard was still alive, so recharged himself using a hallway light and killed t… However, even this trauma did not stop him from continuing his criminal career, although it did seem to reduce his ability to be an effective villain. Doctor Light then attacks and absorbs a great deal of power from Kimiyo Hoshi. He states that his human body is still dead, and that he now merely exists as a construct of living light energy. Just before the Titans' final confrontation with the Brotherhood of Evil, Doctor Light went off on his own again and robbed the Bank of Perez after the Teen Titans have returned from their battle. Once Robinstopped her before any fatal damage could be inflicted, the event left Doctor … [28] Killer Frost faces off against Doctor Light. The Teen Titans Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. light. In an alternate universe, she serves as the heroic counterpart to Titans villain Doctor Light and is allied with the Brotherhood of Justice to stop the Teen Tyrants. After returning to Earth, in DC Universe #0, Doctor Light is a member of Libra's Secret Society of Super Villains. Light is sent to Hell, where he is physically reunited with Finlay. He later recovers his memories and intellect when witnessing a fight between the League members responsible for his mind-wipe and Deathstroke, and vowed revenge against the Justice League. Doctor Light is a supervillain and enemy of the Teen Titans and Justice League. [1] Such things have included Green Lantern constructs, Superboy's heat vision, and magic lightning from Wonder Girl's lasso. [13] The entire Injustice League is captured and deported to an alien world by the Suicide Squad; Doctor Light is consequently one of the villains featured in Salvation Run. In his first appearance, Doctor Light attempted to rob a gold transport. According to the retcon, his predecessor was his partner at S.T.A.R. Horrified by his own self-realization, Doctor Light disappears in a blast of light energy. The Kimiyo Hoshi version of Doctor Light made a cameo in the tie-in comic to the Teen Titans animated series. [15][16], Doctor Light is entombed below the Hall of Justice. In JLA #136, he is one of King Kull's agents with which the Beast-Man hopes to wipe out humanity on all three Earths, helping in the attack on Earth-S by creating perpetual light and darkness on each side of the Earth, and teaming up with the Shade. Doctor Light, hungry for vengeance and power, readily accepts.[11]. For the DC Comics superhero, see, "Arthur Light" redirects here. In the 1997 Tangent Comics (Earth-9) One Shot Metal Men, Doctor Light lends his name to the brand of cigarettes smoked by president Sam Schwartz—"Doctor Lite". However, he doesn't remember anything about his death. [14] In actuality, Superman and Icon set this scenario up to familiarize the Shadow Cabinet with the JLA. Doctor Light is a bipartite character, comprising supervillain Arthur Light and superhero Jacob Finlay, appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. In Final Crisis: Revelations #1, the Spectre delivers final judgment on Doctor Light (who is discovered in the middle of a mock superhero rape orgy with various women dressed as Teen Titans), and burns him to death by turning him into a candle, using his head as the wick. He also appeared in issue #43, forming the Fearsome Five with Psimon, recruiting Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx (going undercover for the Titans). Etta Candy is approached by an energy manifestation of Dr. When he emerged from the bank, all the Titans and Honorary Titans were already waiting for him to take him down on masse. He later becomes trapped in a Green Lantern power battery which would eventually come under the possession of Kyle Rayner, and as a consequence is temporarily transformed into living light. He later joins a short-lived incarnation of the Injustice Gang, in which he assists Lex Luthor in building holographic duplicates of the JLA. He can bend the light around him to become invisible, generate blasts of energy, create force fields, and fly. Both only soon die again: Arthur Light suffocates while still inside his grave, while the desiccated Finlay claws his way out of his own grave but is killed by a family of religious vigilantes. Finlay created a technologically advanced suit to control light allowing him to be a minor superhero, but was accidentally killed by Arthur Light (though Finlay's death may have been caused by hiding his costume in a computer console, causing it to malfunction). Soon after, he gained metahuman powers after a failed experiment involving light manipulation. Doctor Light was a superhuman living in Gotham City in the year 2040 when having active superpowers was banned. The original character was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky and first appeared in Justice League of America #12. Raven, however, became so enraged at him that her dark side manifested; she almost killed him when she attempted to drag him into the darkness under her cloak. and the Justice League of America. He was told what to do and where Steve would be. Just before the Titans' final confrontation with the Brotherhood of Evil, https://theteentitans.fandom.com/wiki/Doctor_Light?oldid=6262, Sad little man (Raven), Skinny Dude (Beast Boy), Solid light weapons such as blades, whips and shields. Doctor Light made another appearance in the episode Revved Up, where he was one of the villainous competitors in Ding Dong Daddy's race for Robin's most secret possession, but was taken out of the race by the mass crash triggered by Red X. This version is an enemy of Doctor Mid-Nite. Despite his frequent defeats, he is quite powerful. Doctor Light gives a piece of his soul to the Phantom Stranger in hopes that he can give it to his family as a final gift if he doesn't get out. In the Justice League of America Wedding Special, Light is a member of the Injustice League Unlimited. Doctor Light later appeared as one of the recruits of the Brotherhood of Evil, but did not participate in any of the Brotherhood's plans, instead deciding to work on his own. Arthur Light was once a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, where he gained a doctorate. With the aide of her teacher, Kimiyo rejects Arthur's presence. Light is swiftly shot dead by Parademons. • Doctor Light appeared in the Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman episode "The Eyes Have It", played by David Bowe. He ended up fighting the Teen Titans, where he easily defeated Cyborg, Robin, Starfire, and Beast Boy. He is beaten by Hal Jordan not long after his defeat by the JLA. He was portrayed by Michael Mosley. He retreated to the Arctic Circle where he build an amplifying device to channel the power of the Northern Lights into his suit.


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