The game makes numerous gameplay changes from the first game, including the addition of a health counter, more mission-based levels, and an open HUB area for navigating levels. They are either on high platforms above lava or some other treacherous terrain, hidden in boxes that must be smashed, or locked in cages. Platform games have been around forever. [7] The soundtrack was developed at the same time as the rest of the game, rather than being composed for an otherwise complete game. One thing I really liked was that on some of the bonus rooms, instead of just smashing boxes or jumping on platforms, you have to solve puzzles. King Rufus, along with all of the other Gobbos on Volcano Island, raise the crocodile in the ways of the Gobbos. Press select while on the audio options screen to goto the sound test., mtndude "[34] Most critics also found the camera to be a serious problem, making it difficult to judge jumps, especially in the later stages of the game. [3], One day, Baron Dante and his band of villains known as the Dantinis invade Gobbo Valley and begin terrorizing the Gobbos, capturing them and locking them in steel cages. [3] Croc's main method of attack consists of a full-circle tail swipe that is used to defeat enemies and bosses, as well as a hip drop move that can be used to break open crates containing collectibles. There are two types of crystals you will encounter on your journey. [3] Also hidden across each stage are 6 Gobbos being held captive by the Dantini tribe that act as Croc's main objective throughout the length of the game. The ambient music playing during the cave levels took inspiration from several other popular pieces of music; the songs' rhythmic finger snaps and harpsichord were based on that of the title theme of The Addams Family, while the lead theremin was based on the horror-centric music from The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials and the Hammond organ was derived from a cover of "Foxy Lady" that Scharvona had been composing for the video game Wayne's World at the time. His brain's been scrambled, his girlfriend is ... Thieves have kidnapped a brood of dragon eggs, while, elsewhere in the Dragon Lands, a gateway to the Forgotten World... Oh yeah... he's back... AND he's ready! It went on to become one of Argonaut's most successful releases, selling over 3 million copies for the PlayStation. If you do manage to find all five colored crystals, you will go into a bonus area which also has an exit. They all have numerous differences amongst them, though the Playstation version is considered the definitive version., KnAbrAvA 2019-09-30 The game's characters and game mechanics were designed by Simon Keating in his first-ever video game project. We mocked up a prototype using Yoshi. first! [5] Initially suspicious of the young crocodile but ultimately won over by its innocence, King Rufus and the Gobbos decide to raise it as one of their own and teach it in the ways of the Gobbo. [3] The crocodile, named Croc, grows bigger over time, eventually becoming much larger than the Gobbos. Please log in or register to continue. If you want to run this game on Windows 10 x64 you have to replace the 16bit setup file with a 32bit version. 2020-08-29 Each Guardian appears on their own level and are usually killed by attacking them when they are at their weakest point three times. Holding it will let him swim in 'croccy-style'. They are in league with the main antagonist of the game, Baron Dante, and are scattered throughout the game in order to stop Croc from completing his mission. It went on to become one of Argonaut's most successful releases, selling over 3 million copies for the PlayStation. In the PlayStation version the background is the same as the rest of the level. [2] Next Generation also had an overall subdued response, judging that "the game provides just enough pretty, painless entertainment to keep gamers pacified, but there's not enough challenge to certify Croc a niche next to the classics it so readily seeks to emulate. 1 point, You can go to this link and download this "Croc music enabler" so you dont have to burn the image into a physical disc. In my book, this is the worst kind of problem. A Red Button is considered to perform an action and disappear, whereas a Red Switch does not disappear and will carry out an action and reset after a time. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The graphics are top notch and this is one of the better platform games on the market, even if it does get a bit repetitive. Croc does not collect any Gobbos or Coloured Crystals in these levels, but can gather regular crystals and Hearts (lives) and must defeat the Guardian in the last section of the level. Each Island also contains two Guardian Levels; one halfway to completion of the island and the other after all six normal levels are complete. - All new-style gameplay act... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. The colorless crystals are essential to have when fighting bosses because a lot of the time you can't help getting hit by the boss when you are fighting him. [3] 5 of these Gobbos are hidden in various locations throughout the level, often collected by solving a puzzle or completing a challenge, whilst the 6th Gobbo is located in a bonus room hidden behind a set of doors that can only be reached by collecting 5 colored crystals hidden throughout the level. [24][25][27][28][29][31][33] Joe Fielder of GameSpot said that this makes the game "frustratingly hard to play. [40], This article is about the 3D platform game. The PlayStation version held an aggregated review score of 79.14% on the review website GameRankings based on seven reviews. Fox Interactive was chosen because the company had a solid plan for turning Croc into a multimedia franchise and was familiar to the staff at Argonaut, who were already working on a game for Fox (Alien Resurrection). About Interactive Elements cannot be picked up but are used to advance through the level or perform a certain action. These Interactive Elements will hurt Croc in a level, but are not considered enemies. :), ofc "[25] Game Informer stated that "We enjoy everything that has been taken from the different games, and we're sure you will too. [8], After being turned down by Nintendo, Argonaut sought the creation of a new character to take the place of Yoshi. All of the successful platform games allow the gamer to worry about the challenges on the screen, and not making sure your character is lined up correctly or not. this game was so good. The game's levels were divided into several sub-sections due to hardware limitations at the time and Argonaut's desire to not have to deal with creating convincing depth perception. A sequel to the game, titled Croc 2, was released in 1999. Stome 3 times on the first jello and you should then find a secret room with 4 hearts. You play Croc, a cute Crocodile who's trying to rescue his even cuter friends the Gobbos from bad guy, Baron Dante. While collecting the Gobbos is not mandatory to completing the game, doing so is nonetheless necessary in order to face off against the game's final boss and unlock the game's true ending. Josh Smith of GameSpot criticized the graphics, camera and controls, and ultimately deemed the game "a generic 3D platformer. The story in Croc is not all that different from other platform games out there. See Interactive Elements for the full list. 1 point, Avoozl Eash One of the first puzzles you will get is the old "Gobbo under a hat" puzzle, only this time the Gobbo is under a box. The controls are a bit stiff, but this did release in 1997, so that should be expected. There were more times than I can count in which the game had some messed-up camera angle that caused me to miss a jump or fall to my death. When you do start a level over, it is as if you have not been there before, so you will have to gather all of the crystals and save the Gobbos again. 0 point. 0 point, RetroN64


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