Both the anime and manga are productions of high quality, made by passionate people and because of that, each stands proudly on their own. Enter Sister Rosette Christopher, of the Order of Magdaline, an elite group out to destroy the evil. Of note is the crucial spelling correction from "Chrno" to "Chrono", following the statement made by Moriyama's publishers during the original serialization apologizing for the typo. Ah, thats sad :( I think I prefer the animes ending then, where they died together in that case :(. Sure, it suffers from some clichés common to the period it was published, but you can really sense how Moriyama cherished his work and didn’t sell out or try to make it last longer than it should. Whichever form was better is entirely subjective. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. ), was published in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten on April 20, 2004. The Order also unveils its flagship, the Metatron, in the final showdown with Pandaemonium and Aion. Chrono Crusade (Japanese: クロノ クルセイド, Hepburn: Kurono Kuruseido? Besides using guns, there are members of Order with special powers as well, using devices like tomes, violins, or dolls. Warning: Anime spoilers! [¹] – Before someone calls for [citation needed], I got this information from the last pages of Volume 2 and 3 published by ADV Manga (the US publisher of the manga). Many of the events that are climaxing on the final chapters of the manga were introduced way earlier in the story, and some of the dialogue and situations require knowledge of hints the story gave you volumes ago. Most of the online scans have extremely bad translations. The story of Chrono’s past and his misadventure with Mary constitute almost an entire volume and the manner Moriyama fits it into the main story is really ingenious. I assume I don't need to show spoiler tags since this is specifically about the ending. Personally, I very much preferred the manga. The manga explores more of the Order’s hierarchy and branches, introducing some new characters and cutting out irrelevant ones. The Order of Magdalene is an organization that banishes devils and demons. I just finished the anime, and both chrono and rosette died at the end, and then I read the last manga chapter, and it seems like they are alive in the manga. I’d say the anime ended in a bittersweet tragic note, while the manga had a less tragic but still poignant closure. Tetragrammaton, a gun with high power against demons with low backlash, is given to Rosette and later used by Chrono. “Now you’re just ranting!” No! What role does it play? 1 year ago. On one hand, the anime does show the raw consequences of the fight between good and evil a lot more than the manga, however, it never really emphasized how serious is the contract Chrono made with Rosette until very late in the series. Dantalian no Shoka ending interpretation explanation. And please, buy the damn thing. Chrono Crusade was first aired on Fuji TV in Japan on November 23, 2003 and ran for 24 episodes until its conclusion on June 10, 2004. Well, the manga in general is superior. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. It’s also worth noting that serious and tragic have different meanings. Both Rosette and Chrono are revealed during the course of the story to be driven by a shadowy past, centered on a search for Rosette's lost brother Joshua who is shown to have been taken from her by the sinner, Aion, a demon who shares a dark and bloody history with Chrono. (The manga is superior to the anime series, in my opinion. Another huge difference is terms of “strong and dark” is that while on the anime it’s easy to downright hate Aion and his buddies because they are pure evil with dark hearts, the manga shed some light on their life stories and their lives (as sinners) together, making you wonder for some moments whether they really are 100% EVIL or if this isn’t a war of ideologies, like any other great war in the history of humanity. What affected me the most is Chrno and Rosette's death. The series was released in English in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment. This is easily noticeable when comparing the last three volumes with the final arc of the anime.


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