I’m new to bread making but this was the best I’ve made so far!! Allow starter to rise until almost doubled (usually 2 to 3 hours). It doesn’t matter as much as with active yeast because sourdough takes more time it will come to room temperature, however, any yeast (sourdough or store-bought) will rise faster if kept warm and warm water can help kick start things. I have three as my regular yeast recipe makes 3 loaves. I have been working to make a loaf of sourdough bread like this since March. Yes, I show you have a soft-cover copy coming with your purchase too! It will rise some in the oven if it’s not over-proofed, if you’re not getting any rise in the oven try shortening the rise time slightly. Thank you so much for all the info you share <3, You have to use a different recipe, you need different binders and mixes of flours to make a sandwich bread gluten-free. Thank you! Set it to the dough program and leave to mix. I am truly enjoying your content but more than that it is helping me so much along my journey and blessing my family tremendously. I have been waiting a few hours and it is not nearly high enough. Thank you so much. The night before you want to bake bread, feed your starter so you have 1/2 cup total volume. Can this recipe be doubled? Place water in a large mixing bowl and add in starter with melted butter, stir to combine. Thank you so much for the detailed instructions and notes. A soft sourdough sandwich bread with a tender texture and amazing flavor without using any store-bought yeast, just the wonderful power of wild leavening. You could, just a shorter bake time usually. Quick question: does the sugar has a purpose in the recipe? Have made this bread 3 times, me and my husband love it, but I was wondering if could leave out the sugar and still have the same great results? The flour looks correct. Melissa K. Norris inspires people's faith and pioneer roots with her books, podcast, and blog. Just put the dough in the pan. Yes, sourdough does great with a slow proof in the fridge! I understand that it wouldn’t be fair to those who have bought the course. It is absolutely delicious and NO dry yeast! Also, if I want to do half whole wheat do I change the liquid for that? Be careful: The 1X 2X 3X feature is working correctly for the proportions that are in grams but is not calculating the amounts correctly if using teaspoon cups and such. Rise time depends on the strength of your starter and the temperature of your home, usually anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. This recipe works well with ap flour, bread flour, and whole wheat flour. Would I cut the dough into sticks then let it rise? 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