It would be nice to finally have a baby to link Tauros and Miltank together. It becomes a soldier ant, gaining a slight increase in Attack, Defense, HP and size as well as a more developed, durable armour. Since its Sword and Shield, it would be cool if each starter had two final forms, with one more attack focused and the other one being more defensive to tie in with the titles. Nothing if it was caught with a poke ball. Share your responses to this discussion on Twitter: Tweet @pokereddit using the hashtag #pokemontalk! Mastrobe if it was caught with the master ball. IIRC it mentioned being defeated by Toxapex too. "Branching" evoltuions like these can be basically random, determined by clear external circumstances or by specific internal circumstances, and are occaisionally just weird as hell. Weepinbell was originally going to have a branch evolution! Another weather evolution would be radical, though. For example, the branches could look like this: Physical attack: Normal->Normal/Fighting->Dark/Fighting. It could then evolve into an attacker (higher ATC stats), or a defender (higher defense stats). Many Pokemon, like Eevee, have branching evolutionary lines. Combatant would be quite a powerful pokemon if it existed as you specified. These branching evolutions are based on which ball Electrode is caught with. In contrast to LE selective sweeps are uncommon in BE, and multiple clones expand simultaneously because they all have increased fitness. 586 votes, 94 comments. But both would probably have moves that only they learn, so the evolution learns some moves only through one pre-evolution, and some moves through the other, and it can't have both. Once evolved, it gains a small boost from Electrode's stats at the time of its evolution. Shuppet is one of my favorites so I'd love to see a ghost/fairy or something evolution to parallel Banette. Maybe using the shiny stone or moon stone, to parallel Gloom using the sun stone. With Taurus evolving into Bouffalant and Miltank having an evolution. Some Pokemon, such as Eevee and Kiria, can evove into multipe different Pokemon. Reddit; Wechat; Abstract. Cherishrobe Special Japan event only Voltorb caught in a Cherish Ball. If you were adding branching evolutions to an existing line, which lines would you add them to and what would the requirements to obtain the new evolutions be? It takes the form of whatever ball it is being held inside of, seemingly becoming one with the ball. Being a fertile drone / queen, it grows a pair of wings, but loses small parts of its armour to be able to support its weight while flying. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Fighting/Rock is only Cobalion Terrakion right now. Its new ability is Curse Body (to match the curse you're supposedly inflicted with when seeing Mimikyu) (I don't care about competitive viability). Out of battle, it will consume one of your items every 1000 steps. But if you push it too hard you get an angry and violent one. This is the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV shows, video games, toys, trading cards, you name it! r/pokemon is an unofficial Pokémon fan community. If you treat it with love and respect you get a nice, happy pokemon. The extreme hatred it harbours for you has fueled this evolution of its. It would be like if Plusle and Minun evolved into the same Pokemon, or Illumise and Volbeat. ... invest in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss. No circumstance will be able to cause Electrode to evolve if it was caught with a poke ball or another ball that is not listed. You could have evolutions for every pokeball! If it's got a nature and good IVs for Special Defense, then it will cultivate that specialty. Sobble's defense Evolution is … What would it evolve into, and how would the branching work? Topic: Create a new branching evolution! It bothers me that it's lopsided. Press J to jump to the feed. I'm going to go back to thinking about your answers now... Perhaps if you get a Despizeyu from a trade and start treating it well, it can eventually transform into an Adoryu, Ooo maybe they become steel/fighting or steel/flying too. Ultrobe if it was caught with an ultra ball. If you were adding branching evolutions to an existing line, which lines would you add them to and what would the requirements to obtain the new evolutions be? Its actually happenning, some leaks that got things right, confirmed it, If we could get more branching mega evolutions that would be nice, if we could get more megas period that would be nice, Gamefreak:Yes, indeed, let's give mewtwo and charizard a z mega evolution, Yes, as long as they don't pull another Rockruff. They're supposed to be counterparts, but imo they're an awkward fit. Wasn't there a post some time ago about corsola's split evolution? And the thing is, they didn't even complete it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Facts from biogeography, embryology, and paleontology acquired deep significance because biologists had come to believe that natural classification expressed real relationships. This is honestly something I've been wanting to see since generation 3. They really don't look like they belong together, and a calf that serves as a link between the two would help make more of a connection. Look for new themed discussions on this subreddit every Wednesday! It didn't think it was possible, but its life has only gone downhill ever since you caught it. Get this pokemon early and you could add some great replayability.


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