I love it spicy, and hopefully you do, too. Flip the fish fillet and cook another 2-3 minutes, or until the fish is cooked through and flaky. Heat a large cast iron skillet over high heat for 2-3 minutes, then reduce to medium high and add the butter. Mom of 3 and home cook at Easy Family Recipes. You can read all about our adventure and exactly how the deep sea fishing trip with kids goes, here. The chef Paul Prudhomme's recipe for blackened redfish once became a national craze. Keep it spicy! If you enjoy this recipe, I hope you’ll leave a comment with some STARS. Extra spicy for me, please! Dinner doesn’t get much more quick and easy than Blackened Fish! Cook the fish in batches if necessary. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To blacken the meat is seasoned and then cooked quickly in a very hot skillet with butter. Once the butter is melted and starting to brown, but not smoke, season the fish with salt and pepper to taste, then put it flat in the skillet. Find me sharing daily meal-time inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. If you want all the flavor without the the blackened fish being spicy, you can leave out the cayenne pepper, or reduce it to a smaller amount to taste. All of us need simple recipes for easy weeknight cooking. Pour about a teaspoon of ​butter on the cooked side and continue cooking about 2 to 3 minutes or until the fillet is finished (internal temperature of 150 F). He has written two cookbooks. Cooking time will vary depending on the size and thickness of your fish filets. Combine the garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, Italian seasoning, Old Bay, and cayenne pepper (optional) and mix. It is important to note that made as written you will get flavor and heat in your blackened fish. Here is why it makes such an amazing quick and easy meal: The fish I am sharing in this recipe was caught fresh on our adventure with Destin Ft Walton Beach. I hope you enjoy my blackened fish recipe. Yum. Also, please share it on social media. I love all your ideas as I am new to your blog. I'm Mike, your chilihead friend who LOVES good food. Derrick Riches is a grilling and barbecue expert. It's best to cook about 2 fillets at a time. Fish is best eaten fresh, but can be saved in the refrigerator for 1-2 days. You’ll have extra seasoning for this recipe, so store the remainder in airtight jars or containers. Do not crowd the skillet. Hi, Everyone! Typically blackening seasoning is spicy using black or cayenne pepper. Get it good and hot, 15 to 30 minutes. Just 10 minutes and a few ingredients for a family friendly meal. Reserve 12 tablespoons of melted butter for serving and pour the rest into a shallow dish. Preheat grill with heavy cast-iron skillet or griddle in the grill. Store any extra blackening seasoning in airtight containers and use as needed. Quick and easy dinner recipe alert, my friends! Heat a heavy cast iron skillet to medium-high heat and add the salmon fillets, buttery-seasoned side down. Lay the fish filets flat and sprinkle seasonings on the first side, lightly pat them in, and then sprinkle the remaining seasoning on the back side and pat in. Let the fish cook for 2-3 minutes on the first side without moving or checking it, then flip and cook 2-3 minutes on the other side, or until it reaches the desired doneness, or about 145˚F. I’ll be sure to share! We can’t always spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Make the Blackening Seasoning. I think you’ll love it so much that it will enter your regular cooking routine. The notes below are a general guide. Flip the fish fillet and cook another 2-3 minutes, or until the fish is cooked through and flaky. Remove the fish from the skillet (to prevent it from continuing to cook) and serve warm with fresh parsley or lemon juice if desired. I’d love to hear how it turned out for you. You can use the recipe as written to make enough seasoning for a pound of fish, or you can make a batch of seasoning to keep on hand, which will save you time and energy each time you want to make this recipe. Definitely one of my favorite ways to make it. That doesn’t mean we can’t have enjoy good home cooked meals, though, right? You'll also learn a lot about chili peppers and seasonings, my very favorite things. This cooking method works wonderfully with fish and cooks up in no time. I’m happy to help. In this section I am going to go through a few tips and tricks I learned to use when making this recipe to get the absolute best and most delicious results. Wipe the skillet clean between each batch of fillets and keep the temperature nice and hot. Just look at all that wonderful flavor and seasoning. This blackened fish recipe is the perfect easy weeknight meal with your favorite fish butter basted, generously seasoned with blackening seasoning and seared. If you enjoyed this recipe, I really hope you will take a moment to grab a few more easy recipes for another busy night! Read my disclosure policy here. Learn how your comment data is processed. This Blackened Fish recipe is as simple as promised! 4 fish fillets, 6 ounces each, skinless – I used Icelandic cod today, but any fish fillet will do for this recipe. https://www.thespruceeats.com/grilled-blackened-fish-recipe-334422 It’s great on so many things! Such a great recipe. Filled with protein and big on taste, you can't go wrong with this easy dinner idea. To make a true blackened seasoning use the cayenne and black pepper to create the spice. When it is not spicy it is often referred to as bronzed instead of blackened. Enter “Blackening”. Blackened fish is ready to serve. Thanks! Quick enough for a busy weeknight dinner, but beautiful and flavorful enough to entertain guests, this Blackened Fish is all that, and incredibly delicious too! Here are a few ways to repurpose those leftovers and give them a delicious makeover! Got any questions? The fish develops a black crust from the seasoning and milk solids from the butter. The best part of this recipe, is that you can use almost any kind of fish with this method of cooking. Brush or drizzle on the remaining butter, then generously add more seasoning. Blackening is traditionally associated with cajun cuisine, though it can appear in any type of restaurant or cuisine today. Especially meals with a nice level of spice! This Blackened Fish recipe makes the most tender, flavorful and perfect fish using simple pantry ingredients and only about 10 minutes of your time! (Nutrition information provided is an estimate and will vary based on cooking methods and brands of ingredients used.). Since seafood isn’t my specialty I brought in my dear friend Reade who was born and raised on the Gulf of Mexico and makes some of the best fish in town to help show me the tricks to making the most delicious fish. Tonight we’re making Blackened Fish, and it’s bound to become of your favorite go-to cooking methods. Make sure to scroll to the bottom for the FULL recipe card.


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