In most species, the MC (sap) is actually a percent or so higher in winter. :thumbsup: Timberking B-20 bandsaw mill, F350 FB dump, 20' trailer with loading arch, logging arch, Princeton piggyback forklift. What is the best time of year to cut a walnut tree down? Never hard prune a walnut tree… When first planting a walnut tree, prune the top third of the tree back to a strong dormant bud. That said, there are no commonly known issues (insect or diseases) with pruning during the growing season. But remember, the longer it sets, the more end checking you'll get and loss of lumber. Seems like every time … Pruning should be conducted when the tree is in its dormant season and its leaves have dropped to expose the branching architecture. You should also observe that the younger branches of walnut trees … For the first two to three years, allow the main leader to grow upward to form a central trunk. The dormancy period for black walnut trees typically runs from late November through late February or early March … It is vital that no more than 20 per cent of the crown is removed in any one pruning … Ditto what djg said except that the sap is not "down" in winter. The professional world is merely divided on the best time at which to conduct the pruning. I have one in my yard that I was going to cut down myself and make some slabs furniture out of. In fact, I expect more trees have been pruned during this time frame than all other times of year combined. The only concern I would have, is the loss of the white colored sapwood to bugs if you let it lie too long (> 1yr?). If you are wanting to keep the bark intact as much as you can, they say it's best to cut the tree down in the winter when the sap is down. As far as milling into lumber, there's is no good or bad time for walnut, however, the longer (year or so) it lies on the groung, the more of the sapwood you may loose to bugs. When first planting a walnut tree, prune the top third of the tree back to a strong dormant bud. Make sure you clean and sterilize your hand pruners and pruning saw beforehand so you don’t spread disease. Keep us in pics... A forum community dedicated to professional woodworkers and enthusiasts. Depending on the area your in Tennessee the temps get warm/hot enough that the mills aren't the happiest buying walnut due to the splitting that goes on from the heat and they have to keep water sprayed on them to keep them moist. OK.....I see how your getting the lower numbers now by bringing inside and using some heat....I thought it was all outdoor natural MC balancing. However a friend told me that the wood would not be as good if I didn't do it at the right time of year. Dear Ms. S., you can prune back your walnut tree. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. If you need any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us at Bartlett Tree Experts. Otherwise bugs will be attracted to the tree, which are likely to introduce diseases, putting the tree at risk. Choose the strongest branches growing from the central leader to form the tree's scaffold branches. Converting logs to lumber at your home or mine. Never hard prune a walnut tree: it will not tolerate it. I'd wait until fall if it were me. Being a dark wood, Walnut won't stain from fungal activity in summer the way lighter-colored woods do, so that's not a concern. This is particularly desirable after late spring frost damage. We live on the coast of California. The bark holds on better. Trim trees year-round in areas such as Florida and California because of the growing environment. SOMEONE correct me if I'm wrong. COOL keep up the work!!! We have a forty year old Black Walnut Tree that needs to be pruned back. The bark does tend to stay on winter-cut trees better, though.


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