Thomas Joseph: Toasted ravioli and regular both very good. lbs. - Authentic Hungarian Pick Salami - Expedited 2 to 3 day shipping is usually 20% of the order. If you prefer a light "tang", you'll love our "Téli" Salami. As with all of our meats, our Polish Sausage is all about authenticity and top notch quality. HUNGARIAN FRESH SAUSAGE WITH (Approx. This little gem, located in San Antonio’s westside, is the original locally owned, operated and USDA inspected plant where folks have been coming for decades; still providing quality, wholesome products at a low cost through dedication, honesty and integrity. It is blended savory spices and Hungarian Paprika producing a taste that tickles the palate.These products are prepared under USDA inspection, with the special quality control that our customers have come to rely on.  CZIGÁNY - 12.95 / lb. All products are FOB, Burbank, California- Please add approximately 2 to 3 pounds for dry ice, cold-pack and/or packaging. 8.75 / lb. Italian Sausage Available only on Tuesday Made to order only on Monday. “Whole Loaf” Something for everybody. a koriander együttese is fellelhető a tradicionális ízkedvelők "Paraszt" is slightly-dry with a garlic flavor. Bekony. packages or          by the full vacuum sealed stick --approximately 9 lbs. "HUNGARIAN NIGHT" (Rendőrbot)  SALAMI/SAUSAGE STICK, If you like either sausages and salamis, then try the "Hungarian NIGHT STICK.". Aidells Smoked Chicken Sausage, Artichoke & Garlic, ... Bryan Fully Cooked Beef Smoked Sausage, 12 oz. HB Brittain: Absolutely terrible service but the food is pretty good. Careful with the habanero sauce. As with all of our meats, our Polish Sausage is all about authenticity and top notch quality. Great Food, Debbie Renard: Lasagna, ravioli, spaghetti, breakfast. Philip Cummings: I’m a huge fan of Central’s dry ribs. (Slightly drier), [     ]   CSABAI - Slightly Spicy         (BEST SELLER! A family tradition. * * *(Please note that you can freeze the fresh sausages and hurka for a long periods of time.) (2 to 3 sticks per pack. Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Romania. is slightly-dry with a garlic flavor. gently smoked over SUPER DRIED Otto's carries the finest available Hungarian, "Magyar", European style sausages and salamis. ROMANIAN FRESH SAUSAGE $ All our famous sausages contain the characteristics which originated with the tradition of Hungary and Central Europe. Although we've grown over the last 70+ years, our commitment to producing the finest hickory smoked sausage hasn't changed. 1 Pound), Available in:     Full Stick  (Approx. Mild and Dry    (Tziganskaya). Salcesony They have a very Each link is approximately one pound. of pork which originated in Poland. The sausage and egg biscuit is amazing. White Headcheese (NO Paprika)  "Feher Disznósajt" and STAYS FRESHER<<  BEST VALUE >>   $ (Also, great for camp fires to soak on breads! Karl’s Sausage Kitchen offers a wide range of European style deli meats and sausages, many of which are made by hand right here! (CONTAINS:   One Szeged, One Transylvanian, One Teli and One Csabai - Hungarian Salamis   (Csabai is Slightly Spicy)       (4 Pack)  $ PETA: The appetizer sampler is a great way to start the meal. Also, say yes to the Sweet Potato Pie, you won't forget it. Slice these bacon thin and enjoy them with tomatoes, onions, and peppers - reminiscent of Hungarian sheep herders of days long ago. Smoked Polish Sausage. This assures a flavor packed eating experience every time. Add your own sour cream to taste and make it truly Hungarian. 12.95 / lb.  (Also known for its Tulip shape)     Spicy. If you can point us in the right direction... if youve ever had kielbasi from a polish sausage maker , i wouldnt suggest this. Our high quality products are something our customers have come to rely on. "FOUR HUNGARIAN SALAMI "VARIETY" GIFT PACK" Karaj is extremely lean and should be sliced thin with a sharp carving knife.Smoked Pork Loin sliced thin will melt in your mouth. We do not offer all of our smoked meat products for online purchase but if you see something you would like give us a call at 800-207-6653 and we’ll do our best to accommodate. ●  Full Stick Gypsy Double Smoked  (Beef and Pork)   $ 12.95 / lb.


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