Bartlett conducted this experiment at different times, in different situations and with different participants. Spell. F.C. One night two young men from Egulac went down to the river to hunt seals and while they were there it became foggy and calm. Match. Test. Bartlett's War of the Ghost's study. Then they heard war-cries, and they thought: "Maybe this is a war-party". Method: Participants used were of an English background. Then, this person then retold the story to someone else.. b. Psychology; Psychology Glossary; Research Methods: Experiments; Glazner and Cunitz; Loftus & Palmer; Write. STUDY. There was less focus on giving precise details about the sample used in experiments in 1932. Created by. Making Inferences. Learn. Were asked to read “The War of the Ghosts” – a Native American folk tale. They escaped to the shore, and hid behind a log. War of the Ghosts. Procedure Participants were given a Native American story called ‘War of the Ghosts… akh2807. 3. Bartlett asked his ppts to read the War of the Ghosts story After 15 minutes they were asked to repeat the story to another person. Gravity. Describe the following examples of how memory errors can occur because of a person’s knowledge of the world: (1) Bartlett’s “War of the Ghosts” experiment; (2) making inferences (pragmatic inference; baseball experiment); (3) schemas and scripts (office experiment; dentist experiment); (4) false recall and recognition (“sleep” experiment). Pragmatic inference-Define. This seemed due to the fact that ghosts are concepts that … Bartlett's War of the Ghosts Read variations of Bartlett’s War of the Ghosts as well as some recall attempts of the narrative (slides 6– 15). 2. Bartlett (1932) Aims: Bartlett aimed to determine how social and cultural factors influence schemas and hence can lead to memory distortions. PLAY. Flashcards. The very title of the piece “War of Ghosts” connotes the fact that ghosts are an integral element of the story. a. In Bartlett’s original research, the subjects increasingly omitted the word “ghosts” from recall protocols. The War of the Ghosts - Bartlett Schema Theory; Psychology Glossary; Hatfield and Clark - parental investment theory; Glazner and Cunitz; Cole and Scribner Cross-cultural studies of memory; Psychology. How does pragmatic inference change memory? The details of Bartlett's study.


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