These headings indicate the hierchy of the information within the paper. You can view these sample papers with helpful annotations or … Level 1 is the highest or main level of heading, Level 2 is a subheading of Level 1, Level 3 is a subheading of Level 2, and so on through Levels 4 and 5. Be sure to check with your professor on which format version to use, since the format for professional papers (those submitted to a journal) is different than the student format. As a result, all APA heading levels are in bold style except for fifth level headings. If only one level of heading is needed, use Level 1. APA Style Sample Papers. There are several guidelines for formatting headings in APA style to ensure the ... APA Format Chicago Format citation conclusion editing good writing journal linguistics MLA format paper submission payment PhD plagiarism Proofreading punctuation reproducibility science statistical analysis thesis writing a paper writing tips. Aligning Word’s heading styles to APA style Instead of formatting every heading individually, use Word’s built-in headings feature, which you can find in the toolbar at the top of your document. Each additional heading is used for subsections within each section or subsection. APA has sample papers available on page 50 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th ed. The number of headings to use in a paper depends on the length and complexity of the work. You should NOT use the subheading, “Introduction.” This is justified on the basis that you are writing for an audience of readers who are at least as intelligent as you. In conclusion, APA headings play a significant role in informing readers of the content of a section while directing the flow of discussions. Begin each new main section with a level 1 heading. Heading 4 and 5: Depending on your paper, you can also use heading 4 and 5 for subsections that fall underneath heading 3 and 4, respectively. Ordering the Sections of an APA Literature Review -- and when to start on a new page -- Title Page-- Abstract (new page)-- Introduction (new page - repeat title - no heading) Instead of the methods, results, and discussions sections used in research reports include main points. Hence, a sample essay outline with headings in the APA style is: Summing Up. APA has five levels of headings that may be used to organize a paper. There are five levels of headings available to use in an APA formatted paper. Each section begins with the top level heading, regardless of how many subheadings are used within the section; Do not use numbers or letters as labels in headings ; Do not use Introduction as your first heading; The title of the paper is not considered a heading. There are five levels of heading in APA Style. For example, if your paper contains the standard main sections Method, Results, and Discussion, these should all use the first-level heading. There are five heading levels in the APA style.


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