Amerisleep has been producing mattresses since 2007 and they have a deep product bench. Pocketed coils give great stability. This means that Amerisleep will repair any quality defects with no cost on your side. We’ve designed our mattress for maximum breathability so you’ll stay cool and comfortable through the night. Despite all these, the above-average contouring effect of the comfort layer can lead to heat buildup. I think the mattress might be good, finally received it today but their customer service is deplorable. When I first touched the AS3 mattress I felt a superb memory foam comfort layer on the top. I ordered a queen, they charged me for a queen, and they sent me a full. Also given the excuse that Covid has then backlogged. Now let’s see what the Amerisleep website has to say about it: We’ve designed our mattress for maximum breathability so you’ll stay cool and comfortable through the night. Last Updated On August 11, 2020. I sent them pictures of the dimensions to prove this and apparently that wasn’t good enough for them. Finally, you’ve reached home after your tiring day and it’s time to jump on your bed and then when you just jump on your bed ouch! First, there’s a mandatory 30-day break-in period. Judging from the Amerisleep mattress reviews and feedback from people who are using this bed at the moment, pressure relief is a chief advantage of the AS3. If you’ve perused most of our mattress reviews, you’ll realize that most manufacturers use a base layer of around 5 inches in thickness. Average weight sleepers- 130 lbs to 230 lbs. And guess what? The fact that its mattresses are wholly made in the USA not only saves on imports, but it also boosts its consumers’ level of confidence in the quality of materials that go in each bed. You feel like you jumped on a piece of hardwood or a rock or maybe your bed is so soft that you just happened to sink inside the mattress, how would you feel? Amerisleep AS3 Review - Conclusion. So, if your mattress is damaged or is an unhealthy condition for the initial 10 years then Amerisleep takes charge to replace or repair your mattress at free of cost including sagging greater than 0.75”. Side sleepers in this category don’t have issues with support or comfort, though. This mattress is so reasonable and affordable with so many beneficial characteristics. AS3 mattress has a 3inch comfort layer i.e. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The combination that it uses- memory foam along with a comfort layer and addition of poly foam leads to a good blend of pressure relief and support. Since then, every night has been relaxing. We contacted customer service and followed their instructions, only to be told they couldn’t tell by photos that anything was wrong with our mattress. The AS3 is all-foam so conforms closely. Well, Celliant is a new fabric technology that, according to the originator-Hologenix, converts your body heat into infrared energy before recycling it back into your skin. Kittaneh, who is a Palestinian immigrant, born and brought up in UAE. Thanks to its density, this layer also helps in maintaining a level sleeping surface besides strengthening the edges. If I could give my review 20 stars, I would! It is originally based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Amerisleep AS3 mattress is created to give medium toughness and lies in the middle of the Amerisleep bed mattress line. Wow, Amerisleep AS3 mattress has too many sizes to offer I’m sure one of these is a great fit for your beds. Ad Disclosure: We receive referral fees from partners. This particular model is close to whisper-quiet when bearing weight, Are you fit and active? – oh my god a 4.9/5, isn’t this an awesome score. Due to the soft foam that makes its comfort layer, this mattress offers a significant hug as it contours to your body shape. At this time you will have to incur the shipping costs. AS3 Amerisleep mattress is designed in a way that it provides a great blend of support, comfort, pressure relief, and a decent firmness level. We believe the two inches that Amerisleep uses here will go a long way in minimizing the rate of sagging and prolonging the overall durability of the mattress. This makes it notably easier to switch positions compared to most competitor beds. Read more about this warranty here. NO, is the answer. Most bed-in-a-box mattresses with removable covers often require dry cleaning, which means additional costs. To make purchases you can visit or visit the stores listed below • Scottsdale, Optima Camelview Lone Tree, Park Meadows Austin, Domain NORTHSIDE • Gilbert, SanTan Village Fort Worth, The Shops at Clearfork • Friendswood, Baybrook Mall Houston, The Galleria • Portland, Washington Square • Katy, LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch • Tucson, La Encantada • Denver, Cherry Creek North • Glendale, Arrowhead Towne Center, Let’s make it easy for you to analyze by rating both the brands: • Starting with an overall score Amerisleep scores 9.4/10 whereas Tempurpedic scores 8.9/10 • Moving on customer satisfaction and support Amerisleep scores 9.3/10 whereas Tempurpedic scores 8.9/10 • Worth or price value comparison Amerisleep scores 9.3/10 whereas Tempurpedic scores 8.4/10 • Would you experience back pain? Bear this in mind if you sleep near the edges of the bed. Oh yes, the custodial or proprietary foam of Amerisleep mattresses uses special plant-based raw materials, which eventually decreases the consumption of petroleum used for constructing these memory foam mattresses, isn’t it great? Experts say that this helps in increasing blood flow, thereby boosting energy levels, muscle recovery, and performance. This is a USA manufacturer that designs and makes its beds in the state of Indiana. This layer has a density of 1.8 PCF and measures 7 inches in thickness. In this review, I’m focusing on the Amerisleep AS3, one of the brand’s most popular mattresses. Performance Ratings- Amerisleep Mattress in Action, Amerisleep Mattress vs. The 5 Amerisleep mattresses are available in hybrid and all-foam variants. The 3” comfort layer is made from Bio-Pur. This review will focus on the AS3, which is Amerisleep’s mid-level model in terms of firmness, thickness, and pricing. You don’t even have to pay the initial shipping fee. To commence with let me tell you my experience when I first tried to apply strain on the mattress. , isn’t that great? It’s so comfortable just laying in our bed, watching TV, we would get sleepy. Regardless of whether you opt for the Amerisleep AS3 or the hybrid iteration of this mattress, they both feature the same cover. I’m super impressed by the level of thickness this mattress holds that is 12 inches thick. The trail begins on the day you receive the delivery of the mattress and not on the day when you made the order for the perfect service I must say! As it cradles you, this layer forms pockets that restrict airflow and trap body heat. The shipping process of Amerisleep mattress was easy and it absolutely came as promised. I’ve gone through hundreds of reviews and evaluated each one of them and I believe what Amerisleep has said is totally correct, that is their AS3 mattress does not sleep hot at all unlike other memory foam mattresses. Within months the mattress started developing indentations on each side where my husband and I sleep. I will now be filing a complaint with the BBB against their company! – Amerisleep offers a wide variety of quality products, AS3 mattresses being one of its most popular models. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The Amerisleep AS3 performs below average in terms of offering edge support. Featuring a PCF rating of 4, this comfort layer has a medium-firm feel that offers the user a noticeable body contouring. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Amerisleep is a household name when it comes to mattresses. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. In our experience with different mattress heights, 12-inch medium-firm beds tend to accommodate most people across a wide weight range and different sleep positions. Quickly expanded to the expected size. Here firmness refers to the comfort the sleeper experiences when they sleep in multiple positions. It’s the basic choice that differs from person to person and leads to different decisions when it comes to buying. Amerisleep mattresses provide fast and free shipping within the continental US. So you don’t need to worry about anything as Amerisleep AS3 mattress delivers the best. Among other things, we like that it’s well-made, it’s a little greener, and it tends to accommodate most sleepers. However, this smell is not harmful or overwhelming. What a mattress I must say, Amerisleep has designed its mattress in a way that it not only gives you good sleep but also relieves your body from pains with the help of the pressure points. 7” of high-density polyfoam at the core of this mattress offers plenty of support for most body types. Do you know the best part? Memory foam mattresses are known for ambushing body heat and this is one of the most frequent questions asked by people.


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