It is easy to tell when the action is too low. For most guitarists, buying this tool is overkill as you can properly set the action for each string with careful measurements. Whether you need to measure all strings on your guitar or just the high and low E strings depends on the type of bridge your guitar uses. lowering the action on your acoustic guitar bridge. Simply move the gauge left or right until one of the readings matches the height of the bottom of the string. Later in this guide, we will look at different types of bridges so you can figure out whether you need to measure all of your guitar’s strings or not. There is no way to get your strings lowered evenly without measuring the fretboard radius. Low action causes the string to vibrate against adjacent frets. In the below photo, you can see that the height of the strings is set by the height of the saddle. File off a small amount, replace the saddle in the bridge, tune-up the strings and measure the action again. Adjusting the action your acoustic guitar can be more than just turning an allen wrench. Lesson learned; make sure you know how the person plays BEFORE you loan them a guitar. If you want to try and go for a lower action height, try lowering it slightly and listen for any increase in buzzing. Then hold the correct radius tool for your guitar under the strings near the bridge as shown below: Make sure the tool touches both E strings. Acoustic guitar action and volume are directly related. . Thus, you will have to adjust your bridge again. It gives me a view of how heavy handed they may or may not be and helps me decide how much to take the action back up once I determine where the guitar starts to buzz. Guitar Gear Finder is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, or, What Should the Action be on an Electric Guitar, What Should the Action be on an Acoustic Guitar, How to Adjust Action on an Electric Guitar, How to Adjust Action on an Acoustic Guitar, Find out about intonation and how to adjust it in this guide, Read through this guide to learn about Truss Rods, Learn more about intonation in this guide, Find out more about Floyd Rose bridges in my ultimate guide here, Find out more about string gauges and tension in this guide, How to Connect Guitar To PC/Laptop: Gear, Software, Tips, 5 Essential Pedals for Acoustic Guitar (Advice and Pedalboard Examples), Tune your guitar. What Should the Action be on an Acoustic Guitar. If it's too high, then it will be very difficult to play anything. High action is recommended for slide playing because it gives you some extra room to move when pressing the slide on the strings. Check your guitar’s intonation by playing a 12th fret natural harmonic and compare the pitch against the fretted 12th fret note. It helps you measure your action, nut slot, and a bunch of other key measurements. ... Read moreHow to adjust the action on an Acoustic Guitar That is why these instructions help a great deal. The below photo shows what is meant by the height of the strings over the fretboard: Guitar action is important to get right because it can completely change how a guitar feels to play. Obviously, “low action” would mean the opposite. This information is very valuable. So if you hear some slight buzzing while testing your unplugged electric guitar, plug it in and test it out again. A small change in nut height creates a big change in overall action, so I recommend leaving the nut and focusing on the saddle height first. You have to match your string radius with the fretboard to keep them all evenly above the frets. Some of these things have everything to do with the player's style and other things are a function of the neck, fret dress condition, relief as mentioned, and even string gauge. Electric guitars can achieve lower action than acoustic guitars. On a guitar or bass, the action is the height of your strings over the fretboard. That’s the limitation with this type of bridge. The third way is to adjust the truss rod, which should be set up to an ideal position before you look at action height. However, CD-60S claims to have a low action- a little too low perhaps- as it produces a buzz with the low E string. Low action isn’t a problem if you have a light playing style. To adjust the action height on this type of bridge, you need to use a 1.5mm Allen wrench to adjust the two screws on each saddle.


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