For no Man can, if he would, conform his Faith to the Dictates, of another. whatsoever is not lawful to the whole Church cannot by any ecclesiastical The extream difference of these two Cases is visible to every one at first sight. If it be once permitted to introduce any thing into Religion, by the means of Laws and Penalties, there can be no •ounds put to it; but it will in the same manner be lawful to alter every thing, according to that Rule of Truth which the Magistrate has framed unto himself. Handle: RePEc:hay:hetboo:locke1689 Note: 45 pages If any one indeed, becom|ing a Proselyte, desired to be made a Denison of their Common-wealth, he was obliged to submit unto their Laws; that is, to embrace their Re|ligion. Laws provide, as much as is possible: That the Goods and Health of Subjects be not injured by the Fraud or Violence of others; they do not guard them from the Negligence or ill husbandry of the Poss•ssors themselves. He that worships God does it with design to plea•e him, and procure his Favour. more absurd. But (will some say) let men at least profess that they believe. For Force belongs wholly to the Civil Magi|strate, and the Possession of all outward Goods is subject to his Jurisdiction. . as in their secular interests, the narrow way would be much straitened; Kings excommunicated forfeit their Crowns and Kingdoms, That every Man may enjoy the same Rights that are granted to others, Pres|byterians, Independants, Anabaptists, Arminians, Quakers. Mario Montuori; Copyright 1963 Publisher Springer Netherlands Copyright Holder Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht eBook ISBN 978-94-011-8794-7 DOI 10.1007/978-94-011-8794-7 Softcover ISBN 978-94-011-8160-0 ought to be directed, and by what Measures re|gulated; and that is the Temporal Good and outward Prosperity of the Society, which is the sole Reason of Mens entring into Society, and the only thing they seek and aim at in it. The Origin of Religious Societies (1681). jurisdiction. At length the Magistrate be|comes a Christian, and by that means their Party becomes the most powerful. These are Circumstances, and perf•ctly indifferent where God has not given any express Command about them. Luke 22.25. The Obligation of Penal Laws (25 February 1676). Consequently the expression 'without my privity', which a number of people had seen as revealing an innate weakness in Locke's moral character, reacquires its precise meaning: testifying to Locke's profound modesty and integrity. . Page  62 If by these means the Offenders will not be reclaimed, and the Erroneous convinced, there remains nothing farther to be done, but that such stubborn and obstinate Persons, who give no ground to hope for their Reformation, should be cast out and separated from the Society. The Civil Power can either change every thing in Re|ligion, according to the Prince's pleasure, or it can change nothing. A Letter concerning Toleration and Other Writings, Excerpts from A Third Letter for Toleration. other, whether prince or subject, to prescribe to him what faith or But indeed if any People congregated upon account of Religion, should be desirous to sacrifice a Calf, I d•ny that That ought to be prohibited by a Law. Locke's _A Letter Concerning Toleration_ is key for many reasons, not least of which is its startling relevance to contemporary society. Some enter into Company for Trade and Profit: Others, for want of Business, have their Clubs for Clarret: Neighbourhoods joins some, and Reli|gion others. But as in every Church there are two things especially to be con|sidered; the outward Form and Rites of Wor|ship; And the Doctrines and Articles of Faith; These things must be handled each distinctly; that so the whole matter of Toleration may the more clearly be understood. Let us now consider what a Church is. But it may be said; There are a thousand ways to Wealth, but only one way to Heaven. And such is the nature of the Understanding, that it cannot be compell'd to the belief of any thing by outward Force. Whereas if each of them would con|tain it self within its own Bounds, the one at|tending to the worldly welfare of the Com|mon wealth, the other to the Salv•tion of Souls, it is impossible that any Discord should ever have hapned between them.


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